Let’s save Elyo the lion and all the felines captive in circuses!

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Let’s save Elyo the lion and all the felines captive in circuses!

Circuses are areas of lawlessness for all animals that are captive and especially for felines.

Born or not in a cage, they are the same, wild animals, predators, including when humans are concerned. To sit on a stool and beg, to get whipped ... it is not natural for them! In circuses, lions and tigers can never be themselves. They need space to browse and explore. But circuses only offer them an empty cage in the back of a truck. They need silence, places to hide. But circuses only offer them the hustle and bustle, the permanent exhibition.

Lions need to live with their families. But some, like Elyo, are in complete isolation.

Tigers need solitude. But circuses force them to promiscuity, including with other species.

Pregnant females need rest. But circuses force them to participate in shows until the end. Births, deaths and exchanges are not always notified!

The stress of these situations drives them crazy. They pace up and down their pens, attack one another, self-harm ... Their immune system weakens, they fall ill, their wounds heal badly. They are slowly smothered by and die of captivity.

That's what Elyo endures on a daily basis! We obtained an official report, in the presence of one of our veterinary consultants. His conclusions are not surprising: Elyo has hurt his paws and face because he cannot stand his captivity and he must be sent to a shelter!

We, the undersigned, demand that Elyo and all circuses’ felines be released and entrusted to the One Voice association which will place them in sanctuaries.