Let’s close the Sobeval slaughterhouse

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Let’s close the Sobeval slaughterhouse

More than 500 young calves are killed every day at the Sobeval slaughterhouse in the Dordogne. Unloaded cruelly, handled like packages, beaten, some open their eyes and seem to regain consciousness after the killer’s gunshot and before the strike of the knife. These measures give indescribable suffering to the throat slitting of these little ones.

Why? For the meat of a calf for which the Sobeval company offers festive recipes on its Facebook page, and above all to supply leather to the luxury goods industry.

One Voice is filing a complaint for maltreatment committed by a business, it is an offence. Why are there still not cameras in the slaughterhouses? How can the luxury goods industry still support this cruelty when there are so many innovative and refined materials to replace the skin of these baby animals?

We, the undersigned, demand the closure of the Sobeval slaughterhouse.