9 Tigers In A Truck

For over a year now we have been investigating these tigers, held by circus trainer Mario Masson.
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Save our orcas! For them, a sanctuary, not China!

The Marineland of Antibes plans to transfer Inouk, Wikie, Moana and Keijo to a dolphinarium in China in January 2020. This country has no animal protection law. To reserve such a fate would be monstrous.
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At the heart of a bullfighting school for children in France

Seven years after our first investigation, we have again infiltrated a bullfighting training school.
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Fur in Eure-et-Loir, the farm of horror

#FurFreeFrance #MakeFurHistory
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Let’s give a life to Inouk

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Jumbo needs us!

For three years we have been publicizing the desperate case of Jumbo. Many towns and villages have seen the truck which holds this amphibious hippopotamus, ignoring his pain and suffering.
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Let's close the dog breeding farms of Mézilles

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Victory - The only remaining lion tamer in the UK has been banned from using big cats in his shows.

Letter from Ingrid Visser and specialists to ambassadors about the ban on Wildlife Imports in China; potential vector Orcinus orca

22/03/2020 | 14:20

Experts call on ambassadors to plead the cause of captive orcas in France so that they are not sent in China, because of the presence of coronavirus.

Act together

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I have known the association for years and I decided to become godmother to Rocky! Poor bear, he was beaten and had a rope attached to his nose ... With the small donation that I made, I am able to help those who take care of him on a daily basis to offer him a peaceful retirement.

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Every year in December, I give to an association. In 2017, I made a donation to One Voice. I was touched by the involvement of the association for Maya, an elephant held by a circus. Continue the fight! I am wholeheartedly with you.

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One Voice is definitely an activist association! You have all the tools to raise awareness on important topics, like your fight against fur.

One Voice

The association in a few figures

23 years

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of existence


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single voice for the fight of living beings


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independence thanks to the generosity of donors