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Circus on trial for abuse of Jumbo: a first !

Mis à jour le 21 May 2019

Following One Voice's complaint against the Muller Circus and its investigation and the glaring evidence, the investigation has finally come to an end. In the end and for the first time ever in France, the trial of a circus for ill-treatment of an animal. The hearing will be held at 9:00am on May 17 at the Valencia court. After three years of constant struggle for Jumbo, we look forward to his release and the condemnation of the circus! No hippopotamus should have to live in such suffering.

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Thirty years until he is to be finally saved from his hell. Jumbo should be surrounded by his own kind and to be carried away by the water flow of the rivers. Instead, he remains alone, locked in a prison truck.

After an exceptional procedure, the urgent referral and a rallying that showed the true face of these circus people, we reinforced our investigation. A new hope had recently appeared in Jumbo's life, but even in facing the state authorities, these circus people thought themselves untouchable. Jumbo had never been so close to freedom. You have been numerous in your numbers to rebel against this violence and to show us your support in our struggle for him. Nothing will discourage us.

Our complaint for mistreatment, filed two years ago now gives rise, finally, to the trial of the circus! The hearing will take place on May 17 at 9.00 am in Valencia. There is room for hope. More than ever now, we will do everything to give Jumbo the life he deserves and has been waiting for, for so long! If Jumbo is entrusted to us, we will send him to a sanctuary in Africa where he can finally relieve his feet during long and peaceful swims, and discover his ancestral lands.

For him, please continue to sign our petition !

Séverine Bazin
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Chris | Monday 13 May 2019

Bravo à toute l'équipe One Voice.
Restons mobilisés.

Pierret | Sunday 05 May 2019

Bravo à vous toute l'équipe One Voice mais pourquoi est-ce si long c'est inconcevable ?

One Voice | Monday 06 May 2019

Bonjour Pierret,

Hélas, le temps de la justice est long mais nous restons mobilisés pour Jumbo, merci beaucoup pour votre soutien.

Tosca | Sunday 05 May 2019

Vite vite que Jumbo retrouve son Afrique et ses congénères.

Coquillette | Saturday 04 May 2019

Libérez tous les animaux des cirques, ce n'est pas leur place. Marre de toutes ces souffrances et actes de violences qui leurs sont infligés