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One Voice is taking a zoophilous dog sitter residing in Centre-Val de Loire to court

One Voice is taking a zoophilous dog sitter residing in Centre-Val de Loire to court

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Following a report from a whistle-blower, we are launching a legal attack on a young man, a notorious zoophile, and reporting on the existence of a specialised forum where people exchange (with others) pornographic videos of zoophilic acts. We are therefore filing a complaint today, Thursday 9 June*, at the Bourges Legal Tribunal for acts of bestiality, and asking that the man be given obligatory psychiatric care at the least, and receives a lifetime ban on possessing an animal of any kind. One Voice commits to represent in court all families who have entrusted their dog to this individual free of charge.

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On Tuesday 7 June 2022, we received an alarming report. A man boasting about “letting his dog mount him” and sending multiple photos and videos of dog’s genitalia on a social network instant messenger. At the same time, he asked the whistle-blower to send him videos and photos of the genitalia of his dog, and worse still, to entrust his animal to him to sexually assault it. Border Collies, Bernese Mountain dogs, or German Shepherds, the individual seems to mainly attack large dogs, and traumatises them under the pretext of it being “good for them”. The animals were entrusted to him by people totally ignorant to his deviant practices.

Videos sent via Facebook instant messenger

The animal abuser, around twenty, on the surface appears to lead a quiet and well-ordered life. He has a job, qualifications, expresses himself clearly. A life which contrasts sharply with the animal pornography videos sent. In one of them, he performs with a Bernese Mountain dog, his face hidden behind a dog mask. In another, filmed close-up, he shows his sexual parts and that of the dog in full action. The images sent by this man are absolutely sickening. Degrading. For dogs and bitches. And his comments even more so, if that is even possible.

Unbearable images

Our investigators have never seen such scenes of sexual abuse on animals, and neither have our lawyers! Six years ago however, the association had already put a zoophile behind bars who had attacked Léa and Lola. We followed the long process of healing and recovery and found a haven of peace for the families of the two dogs where they could finally enjoy life despite their trauma.

A specialised forum...

At the same time, we discovered the Zoo forum... (we are not giving the name so as not to give it publicity), where those who follow sexual acts on animals discuss their ‘passion’. A European section where the exchanges take place particularly in French exists but is only open to those who are already subscribed. With no precautionary statement for minors of those who are sensitive is displayed, on the contrary the adverts for sex toys in the shape of dog genitalia swarm onto your screen. Various topics are addressed on the forum, for example, the age at which they knew they were ‘zoos’. There are also tips for choosing their profile photo or mailbox host so as not to be traced, and even on how to behave during police custody to avoid imprisonment, etc.

We will do everything we can to get it closed down! The animals cannot, by definition, consent to such acts.

More than 1.5 million animal pornography films watched in France every month

We are working with the campaign from our partner Animal Cross, according to whom 10,000 people frequent classified sites for sexual experiences with animals. More than 50,000 animal pornography videos are watched every day just in France. Our partner has been successful in getting eleven sites of this kind closed down. Since 2020, Animal Cross has asked for a law which strongly penalises acts but also watching animal pornography videos, rape, and sexual assaults on animals. It is therefore natural that they pursue a case in the civil courts with us.

We are also at the disposal of the legal system to welcome and be entrusted with any animal that is a victim of these despicable acts, particularly the dog belonging to this individual. We ask that all families that have entrusted their companion(s) to him contact us at One Voice commits to represent them free of charge in court.

The link: violence carried out on animals is dangerous for everyone

We have been carrying out a petition for years which condemns all violence, no matter the species of the victim. You can continue to sign it. In fact, the link that exists between violent acts carried out on animals is of the same nature as those carried out on humans. We argue that it can often lead from one to another. A person who preys on animals is a strong indicator of a potentially dangerous person for those around them and for society.

Whether it be someone who mistreats a cat, trains dogs for fighting, lashing out at the family pet to keep their family under control before potentially assaulting them if they upset them, or engages in sexual violence such as bestiality, the acts of such individuals are indicative of a mental imbalance.

Edit from 10 June 2022:
*The complaint was finally filed on 10 June 2022.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Olivo | Tuesday 21 June 2022

Ce sont des personnes malades, et les animaux victimes de ces viols, non consentants, devront être aimés.
Cet individu doit être jugé car il commet des délits en s'attaquant à ces chiens.

Isaline | Friday 17 June 2022

C'est tout simplement révoltant, dégoutant, immonde tout ce que l'on veut!! Ces personnes si on peut encore les nommer ainsi, sont des pervers, les animaux sont sains par rapport à eux!
C'est de la déchéance humaine, pas de quoi se venter sur les réseaux, si entre débiles on se reconnait.
Je tiens à dire que je n'ai pas regardé la vidéo, lire me suffit amplement.
Encore et toujours ce sont les animaux qui trinquent !!!!
Merci à One Voice pour tout ce que vous faites pour les animaux.

Shogun74 | Friday 10 June 2022

Merci du fond du cœur ❤ pour vos belles actions, vôtre mobilisation pour sauver les petits animaux, on vous aime..

Shogun74 | Friday 10 June 2022

J'ai commencé à vous soutenir pour Léa et Lola, cela m'avait bouleversé, je ne pensais pas voir un retour de ces horreurs !... cet homme est immonde, ignoble, il donne la nausée, il est un danger, pour la société, pour les enfants j'espère de toutes mes forces, qu'il va être arrêté et condamné, quand aux sites l' État doit se bouger, tout est possible, arrêter ces horreurs, véritable fléau,c'est un devoir !...