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One voice demands justice!

One voice demands justice!

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Faced with unbearable cases of cruelty that have occurred throughout France, One Voice demands justice. We are rising up and are going to plead for animal rights in four different courts over three months.

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Dogs thrown from windows, drowned, abused

When we know the link between animal abuse and domestic violence, recent cases where One Voice has intervened are worrying ...

Yes, we throw out of the window what we do not want, even if it is a dog and we live on the 4th floor! On August 15, 2016, in Mende (48), a veterinarian who came to a Border Collie barely 1 year old, the vertebrae broken by this fall, will now have to be put down and not without noticing how thin he was. Also, One Voice has taken to court this owner, who didn’t care about his dog once the window was closed, for acts of cruelty and serious abuse of his animal.

What about the end of Câline, a Labrador bitch drowned and then fished out from a river last summer, in a channel of the Garonne Lafox (47)? She had been thrown in alive, a block attached to the collar and the hind legs tied up? In this case, which initially should be classified without follow-up, it is essential that the owner, found thanks to the dog’s chip, responds with an unspeakable gesture.

In the Pas-de-Calais, a new case of abuse in a kennel club that will be judged. The defendant, president of the club, refused to admit his guilt of the facts that occurred in April 2016, yet explicit on a video broadcast on social networks. The teacher is seen assaulting Lemon, an 8-month-old German Shepherd, during a training exercise in defence. The dog, having not obeyed an order, is caught by the collar, it flies high in the air and is slammed heavily on the ground, like an old bag of flour!

Pigeon shooting

More complex is the case before a local jurisdiction of Lot-et-Garonne this mid-February. It follows the decision of the mayor of Villaréal who had, at the end of January 2016, authorized local hunting companies to "hunt" pigeons "of cities" in the territory of his community. The city having given out more than 3,000 cartridges to 80 hunters, some 500 pigeons were slaughtered in 3 hours from the streets of the town.

Such massive destruction of pigeons, domestic animals returned to the wild, is not only contrary to the regulations but also totally ineffective in its methods. By yielding to the pressure of owners and operators demanding to clarify these populations of birds, which certainly can eat seedlings and can litter the roofs with their droppings. This mayor has denied the law, ethics and the lives of sensitive and defenceless animals who share our environment. A sad attitude to have adopted for an elected official, whom One Voice wishes to see sentenced by the judges ...

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goldiepuppchen | Tuesday 12 September 2017

Quand donc nos gouvernants se décideront-ils à imposer des Lois pour la protection animale ? Toutes ces horreurs sont intolérables et ces gens minables doivent être sévèrement punis car, être capables de faire autant de mal à un "innocent" signifie que ces gens là seront capables d'en faire de même avec les humains ! Combien de ces gravités devrons nous encore supporter avant que la France ne se décide à bouger ?!

EDDIE | Tuesday 04 July 2017

Demandons la sanction la plus sévère montrons le barbare sa photo et qu'il soit dans un fichier

LILI1942 | Sunday 26 February 2017

Et parce que moi j'abrite et je nourris des chats dans mon garage pour les protéger de la rue et de la maltraitance, on m'expulse de mon garage ! Pour me soutenir, merci de signer la pétition que j'ai mise sur facebook.

nana1950 | Tuesday 28 February 2017

Elle dérange qui ! Si on en arrive à ça, c'est bien la faute des humains, oui on prend un petit chat parce que c'est mignon, on oublie de lui donner à manger, évidement il sort chercher sa nourriture, on a également oublié de le ou la stériliser et puis voilà il se multiplie, et heureusement parmi ces humains comme lili1942 qui ouvre son garage pour les protéger et les nourrir, tout le monde n'est pas comme Lili malheureusement !!!!

loveanimaux | Friday 24 February 2017

Il est temps de cesser ces atrocités, le monde va mal, les gens sont mal et qui trinquent de tout ceci ? Les animaux ! Il serait grand temps de leur donner des droits acquis car ils n'ont plus à démontrer qu'ils sont comme nous, sensibles et bien plus humains que nous, si je puis le dire ainsi ! Agissez vite car c'est urgent, tous ces animaux qui souffrent le martyre alors qu'ils n'ont rien demandé à personne, cessez de laissez faire ; il faut agir et sévèrement les animaux doivent avoir des droits pleins et acquis et que l'on ne peut plus enlever car donner pour reprendre ça ne servirait à rien non plus, ils sont besoins d'aide, donc agissez svp.