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Going all out to save the lionesses, Jon's companions!

As the State has failed in its duty to protect animals, in particular Jon but also Hannah, Patty, Céleste and Marli, the four lionesses still in the hands of the trainer, we are holding it to account and commencing urgent proceedings on their behalf!

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Since saving Jon we have waited, sent expert opinions ... That was ten days ago and nothing has happened. We shall not let the lionesses suffer in this circus any longer. The prefecture seems to be turning a blind eye to the mortal danger to which they are certainly exposed. It is inconceivable that these shameless trainers are not treating them any less badly than they did Jon.

Today, Monday 15 June 2020, we are lodging an urgent application with the Administrative Court and are asking the judge to order the Prefect to remove the lionesses and all the non-domestic animals from this circus and hand them over to One Voice. In addition we are calling on the Administrative Court to order an expert report on their welfare, as an alternative. To summarize, if the judge does not order that they be seized, we are applying for an expert to be appointed to carry out an urgent evaluation of the condition of Hannah, Patty, Céleste and Marli.

And tomorrow we shall also bring before the Administrative Court an action against the Prefect for failure to fulfil his obligations relating to animal protection. Not fulfilling them puts animals in danger, since they rely on him. The damages that we are asking for will go to felines rescued from circuses.

It is totally unacceptable for the State to be satisfied that these mutilated animals appear to be in good health and leave them to suffer agonies in the prisons that are circuses. In addition, Jon was being kept illegally: circuses are prohibited from keeping wild animals that are not used in performances. Why over the past two years have the prefecture and the veterinary services not intervened to help these poor creatures?

Translated from the French by Patricia Fairey

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After his first operation Jon is starting to live again!
Saving Jon, a lion who suffered agonies, from a circus in France

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Graham Duncan | Wednesday 01 July 2020

Training of wild animals in circuses is cruel !

BENTHE | Tuesday 30 June 2020


Après avoir lu votre récit du calvaire, puis sauvetage de JON, j'ai envoyé le message au Ministère de la transition écologique et solidaire. J'ai demandé dans le même message que le ministère agisse pour libérer sans plus attendre les quatre lionnes Hannah, Patty, Céleste et Marli, anciennes camarades de Jon.

Dans un autre message au ministère j'ai demande la liberation de l'éléphante Baby (et tous les autres, évidemment);
Je leur ai transmis l'article de l'ancien entraîneur et superviseur d'orques à SeaWorld et Marineland Antibes.
Je leur ai demandé de changer la loi française pour interdire les cirques et structures similaires exploitants des animaux, toutes espèces confondues.

ONE VOICE: merci pour tout ce que vous faites pour les animaux!!!
En tant que donatrice je suis avec vous; et tout comme vous je n'arrêterai JAMAIS mon combat!

B. Rasmussen

Chrys | Monday 29 June 2020

merci pour tout votre travail, dommage qu'il n'y ait pas une pétition afin que nous puissions apporter notre soutien à ce combat aussi.

patou | Saturday 27 June 2020

Tant que les parents continueront à emmener leurs "chérubins" au spectacle, pour ne pas frustrer leurs enfants, votre combat est loin d'être terminé. Malgré les nombreux messages et en particulier sur les réseaux sociaux, les inepties de ce métier continueront si le préfet ne fait pas son travail... Bon courage.