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Fur: from victory to victory, following Germany and the Czech Republic !

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One Voice was in Prague last October with its partners from the Fur Free Alliance, and our work with the deputies was successful ! The animals will no longer be skinned for their fur in the Czech Republic.

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It is a very large majority, practically unanimous the Czech deputies who voted for the ban on breeding animals for their fur: 132 against 9!

Thanks to this decision, validated by the Senate on July 20 and on January 31 2019 all farms will have closed. Thus, 20,000 minks and foxes will be spared each year ...

The work done with MPs with our Fur Free Alliance partners proves once again here its effectiveness. On June 5, Germany announced a similar decision. Last December, the Supreme Court of the Netherlands put an end to the exploitation of mink, saving no less than 6 million animals a year! In November it was Japan and in October Wallonia, which explained its position in the best way possible, saying that "the farms are incompatible with the dignity of animals."

We are still waiting for the decision from Estonia where 69% of the population is calling for the end of the exploitation of animals for their fur and where the issue is under debate between the deputies.

With farms banned also in the United Kingdom, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Serbia (see map below), the decline of the fur industry is clearly felt in Europe. France must also position itself! We met the Minister of Agriculture last February. It is time that our country, which plays such an important role in the world of fashion, also prohibits this cruel industry!

To support our request please sign and share the petitionVisonsLeRespect !

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End the cruel and deadly fur trade, before it causes the next pandemic 1000 mink slaughtered at the Eure-et-Loir fur farm because of cases of Covid-19

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Ps | Wednesday 07 June 2017

Bravo ! Mille mercis pour ces belles victoires.
Que deviendront les visons encore en captivité ?
La France doit urgemment démontrer qu'elle est une nation humaniste.