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When France kills dogs...

When France kills dogs...

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When France kills dogs, Italy chooses to condemn those who torture them. The Brescia Court of Appeal has just confirmed the severe condemnation of the managers of Green Hill, a dog breeding facility for laboratories all over Europe. 3000 beagles are saved!

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France is one of 27 countries in the European Union, one that experiments the most on dogs and cats. Recently with the Biotrial scandal, a person died. Yet, dogs had died during the preclinical testing phases ... tortured and killed, and for what?

Since 1999 One Voice has campaigned for the end of dog and cat experimentation and illustrates its concerns. One Voice successfully managed to stop the installation of a breeding facility by Marshall in Montbeugny, exposed through several investigations the practices of breeding dogs for laboratories and managed to save several beagles.

We have already written to the Minister of Health about the chimpanzees that would have been used by Biotrial and have yet not received a response. A new letter has also been sent to him this week as well as to the Minister of Research asking for reports concerning those dogs whose death did not stop that of a human. The historic victory of the LAV in Italy should be inspiring! 

Because of LAV our Italian partner in the European Coalition, has been running a long legal battle. After years of fighting to close the Green Hill dog farm and a startling investigation, they filed a complaint and obtained in 2012 the seizure of 3000 Beagles destined for laboratories all over Europe. Then, the case took a decisive turn in 2014, when Italy announced that it was prohibiting this type of breeding. And in January 2015, the judgment at first instance convicted the veterinarian, the director and the executive manager of Green Hill.

By confirming this conviction yesterday for acts of cruelty, ill-treatment and illegal euthanasia, the Court of Appeal sends a strong signal to all scientists: dogs do not belong in laboratories!

The penalties are exemplary: imprisonment and disqualification for 2 years. It must be said that in Green Hill dogs were not cared for but killed, even for simple dermatological pathologies: the question of profitability ... With this decision, Italy clearly expresses its refusal to prioritize the economic interests even of a big multinational like Marshall (who owns Green Hill) when the well-being of sentient individuals is at stake.

And, France? Will it continue to turn a blind eye to ethics and progress when economic interests are at stake? Yet how many more deaths still to investigate concerning the practices of the French laboratories?

Help us better protect our companions: Sign and circulate our petition!

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MARC | Tuesday 07 September 2021

Stop animal objet,
pensons à leur bien être
ils ont droit au respect


roffi2016 | Thursday 30 March 2017

Inconcevable les tortures en tout genre.

Tant qu il y aura des crimes sur les animaux y en aura sur les hommes....

Etre végétarien ou vegan est un pur bonheur avec une conscience apaisée.


Karinelk | Friday 30 December 2016

Stop à la torture animale.

stef | Tuesday 22 November 2016

La France est un pays où on peut torturer des animaux en toute liberté, et même légalement. Malgré une soi-disant loi en leur faveur, les animaux sont encore et toujours considérés comme des objets et non comme des êtres sensibles qui souffrent et qui ont tellement besoin d'amour (nos compagnons de tous les jours), quant aux sauvages, le bipède n'a pas plus d'égard envers eux...honte à la France de laisser tant de souffrances et de tortures infligées au nom de la science sans aucun remord ou conscience du mal que cela engendre, ça me dégoûte autant de laxisme volontaire, ça me dégoûte et me révolte.