Cats & dogs: Our family

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Cats & dogs: Our family

As we live with our dogs and cats we are under the false impression that they are out of danger. In fact they are not sufficiently protected and unfortunately are subject to much mistreatment and cruelty which is not adequately punished by the law.

There are those who are subjected to laboratory experiments. With no rights, they suffer mentally as much as they suffer physically. 

There are those who are used as reproductive machines, females who produce litter after litter, and the subsequent trafficking of these litters which ensues. 

There are those used as an instrument for hunting, security, safeguarding, competitions, and those that we file or eliminate when they are no longer needed. 

There is abuse which is 'educational', institutionalised, in clubs, and brutal training sessions. Electric collars are used, even for cats, when we know the trauma that they cause. 

There are also acts of pure cruelty, cats drowned or burned alive like Griffin, dogs raped as in Léa's story, as well as the shouting, the blows… and the cases of abandonment. We estimate that around 10 million cats live and die in the street. 

Cats and dogs are our companions; they are an important part of our family. Please help give them a legal status that provides them with the protection that they deserve!