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Veterinarian surgical training on live pigs, One Voice says no !

Veterinarian surgical training on live pigs, One Voice says no !

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In partnership with two medical companies, postgraduate training in digestive surgery on pigs is offered to practitioners in two veterinary schools. The pigs will undergo multiple operations of the stomach and intestine and will then be put down. We demand the immediate termination of such practices !

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Pigs, beings with a strong personality

Gifted with great intelligence, pigs like to learn, discover and play. They are self-aware and able to develop sophisticated strategies. Pigs have been seen helping humans in difficulty. And yet ...

Cruel training

After the stress of transportation and the conditions of their accommodation, they come for these pigs, those for procedures under anaesthetic. Veterinarians under training will then perform various surgeries on their stomachs and intestines. After these procedures, they will be killed without exception. A distressing and obsolete process.

Moreover, the certificate of Dr Pierre Gallego, a doctor in veterinary medicine and a master's degree in science, is clear on this point:

« It is my opinion as a veterinarian that the use of live animals that are subsequently sacrificed for surgeries for veterinary training purposes is an obsolete practice that should be completely replaced by alternatives that are already available and which is widely used in most modern veterinary medicine faculties around the world. »

Prioritize methods without living animals !

In spite of the European directive asking to prioritize substitute methods, these schools nevertheless decided to resort to this practice on animals, which are as cruel as they are outdated. Last year, we managed to stop the use of live rabbits for continuing education in another school. We demand the same thing here.

The sacrifice of live pigs is not necessary to become a good surgeon! On the contrary, according to our experts, models and simulators; virtual reality; computerized multimedia simulators or the use of animal tissues and corpses from ethical sources are preferred.

For Dr. André Ménache, a veterinarian specializing in animal welfare science and a certified member of the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine, to whom we have asked for an analysis of this type of training:

« These surgical procedures on pigs are not intended to bring any benefit to pigs globally. These pigs are used as living material for postgraduate courses in digestive surgery. »

One Voice wrote to demand the immediate cessation of this type of training. If these courses continue, we will seize any competent body to enforce the rights of these animals.

Get involved with us for these pigs, by sending one of these two drawings to the concerned organizations to ask them to use alternative methods in the framework of this type of training.

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