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Garbo, "security" dog in danger!

Garbo, "security" dog in danger!

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In a train on line 7 of the Paris metro, Garbo, a "security" dog, was bleeding profusely in the presence of the security guard who was in charge of it. One Voice takes the case and conducts the investigation.

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Garbo, a sheepdog, suffered in silence from a serious injury, while the security guard was on watch. Flabbergasted, the passengers of the line 7 of the Paris metro intervened on February 21st, and alerted us.

A sea ​​of ​​blood

Direct witness to the scene, a traveller told us what she witnessed. When she saw the security guard and his dog on the train, she immediately noticed Garbo's agitation, the behaviour of the man pulling on the collar and a metallic smell of blood. And for good reason ... With a deep wound at the base of its tail and a flap of flesh hanging off, the dog seemed to have received a brutal blow at the rear of the train by means of a heavy object. Panting hard, pupils extremely dilated, the poor dog endured hell while a huge red puddle widened under its flanks ... The reaction from the guard? None, apart from aggression and vis-à-vis his dog facing the passengers who were worried. At the Riquet station, the witness sounded the alarm so that the dog was quickly taken care of. The driver then moved to the wagon ... Unbelievably, he reportedly stated that he was aware of the presence on board of an injured and relieved dog on his way to a rescue centre at the Villette.

The metro as an ambulance!

Was RATP really aware of the situation? Did they know that one of their "security" dogs had been injured, suffered from violence and was driven under such conditions to an assumed veterinarian? The day after the events, they spoke on their twitter account reassuring the public on the care of the dog and rejecting the responsibility of its chaotic transport on a subcontract security company. We immediately sent them an official letter. RATP told us to contact its legal department ... We will not stop there. This tragedy is indicative of the sordid exploitation of so-called "security" dogs, who have been overly coerced. In this case, we have started an investigation to find Garbo and help him. And we will obviously identify the culprit (s) in order to exercise justice!

Marie-Sophie Bazin
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trochu | Tuesday 21 May 2019

HONTEUX ET INACCEPTABLE, les chiens "de sécurité et de vigiles" doivent être suivis et protégés car nombreux sont les vigiles qui "exploitent et utilisent" leurs chiens comme "simples outils de travail", ce qui est scandaleux et doit être dénoncé ouvertement. Ces chiens sont DES ANIMAUX, ÊTRES VIVANTS à part entière, non "des objets ou marchandises" ! Nous nous devons d'informer et sensibiliser les vigiles et la population quant au grand respect et considération qu'ils doivent avoir envers leurs chiens qu'ils doivent considérer comme leurs égaux et non comme "inférieurs et outils de travail exclusivement". MERCI ONE VOICE de ne pas abandonner ces chiens à leurs bourreaux et tortionnaires de maîtres.

JM | Monday 22 April 2019

Je tiens à dire qu'il ne faut pas généraliser, pour ma part j'ai exercé ce métier pendant 10 ans et mon chien a toujours été ma priorité et son bien-être également mais je sais que malheureusement il y a des abrutis.

Joëlle | Saturday 09 March 2019

Le retrouver et le sauver de sa triste et misérable vie de chien de sécurité !

Isaline | Tuesday 05 March 2019

Triste cette histoire !