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All in Antibes for Inouk !

All in Antibes for Inouk !

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Inouk needs all of us. No orca should be in the pools of a dolphinaria, and the case of Inuk is worrying in every respect. At barely twenty years old, he already has no teeth, his dorsal fin almost always out of the water and flopped over on his back ... Marine mammal experts have never seen that before. We are determined to offer him another life, a real life. We will be at 5.00 pm in front of the town hall of Antibes Juan-les-Pins on Tuesday, May 7th for him with John Hargrove.

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How can you not feel moved for him and also at the mention of his name? Inouk has never known freedom but keeps going around and round in the Marineland pools. His extremely effective sonar is of no use to him in the jar where he survives. He should be able to dive deep, swim tens and tens of kilometers each day, stay away from the sun. His dorsal fin lies, collapsed on one side, a phenomenon rarely observed and a sign of serious trauma and poor health in wild orcas ... The members of his family have either lost their lives or been sent to another dolphinarium. If he had not been subjected to captivity since his birth, nothing would have pushed him to gnaw at the walls of his pool until the pulp of his teeth was exposed and it was necessary to devitalize them, even to tear them off. His freedom would have been unlimited, and his life, one so rich for an orca!

An orca without a future, that's what Inuk seems to have become. The park does not even try to justify that it contributes to the conservation of the species, or that the demonstration of the domination of an animal by a human has an educational interest ... We have filed a complaint against Marineland for acts of cruelty to Inouk at the court of Grasse early in April. The expertise of Ingrid Visser, John Jett and Jeffrey Ventre is documented, well-argued and structured. More than anything, it is without appeal: Inouk needs another life, far from pools empty of meaning, empty of interest, empty of choice, empty of all that an orca needs.

A rally is scheduled in front of the town hall of Antibes Juan-les-Pins at 5.00pm on Tuesday May 7, to make the voice of Inouk be heard, whose place is in a marine sanctuary. It sounds loud and clear in the ears of our leaders! We also call for the closure of dolphinariums and the adoption of a new decree.

Please sign our petition, let's all ask for a life for Inouk !

Julia Mothé
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The court prohibit Marineland from relocating the orcas before the end of the independent assessment Moana has just died in the chlorinated Marineland prison, the only place he has seen in his twelve years of life. One Voice is going to court again

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Ihkeiko l'orque | Saturday 23 May 2020

Bonjour, je voudrais qu'Inouk soit libre dans la mer avec sa famille. Ça doit être malheureux pour lui d'être dans un bassin pas assez grand.


Isaac Hajdi 15 ans protecteur des

Chris | Monday 13 May 2019

Je suis contre, absolument contre l'emprisonnement de ces orques et dauphins ... en CAPTIVITÉ.
Tout comme ceux qui sont emprisonnés dans la glace avec les bélugas en Russie, je trouve cela inadmissible !!!
L'homme détruit tout ce qu'il touche.

Ana | Wednesday 08 May 2019


trochu | Tuesday 07 May 2019

Etant en pensées profondes pour tous ces martyrs pour tous ces animaux esclaves des humains à cause des humains, j'espère vraiment que toutes les actions menées de parts et d'autres toutes les dénonciations de tant de maltraitance de tant de cruauté de tant d'irrespect de profit et d'abus aboutiront à la fermeture définitive de tous ces delphinariums et marine land de la honte. Il est temps que les populations entières ouvrent les yeux et prennent conscience que de "tels spectacles exploitant des ANIMAUX ETRES VIVANTS" sont pitoyables, lamentables et qu'aucun animal a à être ainsi maltraité, torturé, exhibé comme un objet ou meuble, qu'aucun animal n'a à vivre de telles horreurs immondes "pour amuser des individus". A force de combattre, à force de faire pression et pression de dénoncer et d'informer nous parviendrons à faire libérer tous les animaux terrestres ou marins emprisonnés qui vivent l'enfer au quotidien pour qu'ils puissent mener leurs vies dignement et humainement comme ils le doivent en tant QU ETRES VIVANTS comme nous. Je suis en colère de constater que les mentalités ne changent pas vite et n'évoluent pas assez vite en faveur de nos frères les animaux et nous devons tout faire afin que ce soit une évidence pour tous.