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Six bulls tortured to death: bullfighting resumes in France

Six bulls tortured to death: bullfighting resumes in France

Mis à jour le 28 July 2020

Bullfighting is the torture, in front of an audience of all ages, of animals that have been rendered almost harmless, followed by their systematic slaughter. Yesterday, 26 July 2020, the first novillada since the end of lockdown took place in France. Our investigators went along and came back with images of horrendous violence. Fans were able to forget the coronavirus by taking pleasure in watching young men who had barely reached adulthood massacre six bulls.

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First novillada of the year

A novillada is one of the first bullfights of a young torero straight out of a bullfighting school. Last year we had infiltrated the school at Nîmes and shown everyone how children are taught, sometimes forced, to kill terrified calves.

Bulls, horses, all are losers in the arena.

If the horses were to see the bull, the violence, the blood, they would rear up and try to escape. But they are trained in blind obedience to the orders of the picadors, who lead them into danger. Their eyes shielded, they have no choice but to obey or they will be punished. That's how these people love animals: submissive and docile, utilitarian. Whether being attacked by bulls fighting for survival or being mistreated by their riders, the horses too are the victims of bullfighting.

Sometimes six to one, armed and organised, they humiliate and kill.

This year nothing has changed. Once again cruelty revealed itself in the full light of day, among the sound of cicadas. Six bulls died one after another among shouts of "hurray" and "bravo". Mutilated, drained of much of their blood in terror and despair before their corpses are dragged all around the arena to satisfy the bloodlust of the spectators, thirsty for gratuitous violence.  

Our investigator on the spot provides the following analysis:

« The bulls refuse to fight. They try to flee from a confrontation. They merely react to the humans around them, who are goading them to fight. But they are motivated by fear alone: that's the only choice they have. Defend themselves and respond to horrific pain. »

Of course it mustn't be thought to be dirty!

One after the other they will try to escape, then, backed into a corner, goaded on all sides, they will be forced to enter the horrific trap set by these human primates and will die in unspeakable agony. Where is the Culture of which our ministers speak in this perverse 'tradition' of taking pleasure in watching a creature die a slow and painful death?  

Paradoxically it is the puntilla, a sort of dagger with a short broad blade, that will be plunged between the horns and driven into the skulls of these poor condemned creatures to end their suffering. During the final circuit of the arena the droppings will be collected: the ground must not be dirty for the slaughter to come. 

To show that you want to put an end to bullfighting in France and close down bullfighting schools so that children are no longer induced to kill, please share the images from our investigation and sign our petition!


Translated from the French by Patricia Fairey

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Jonathan | Friday 08 July 2022

Aucun spectacle là dedans, aucune tradition là dedans, aucun plaisir là dedans … dans notre siècle cela est une honte STOP

Dave | Saturday 22 January 2022

Une honte faire souffrir ces pauvres animaux vraiment dégueulasse.

Isabelle | Thursday 19 August 2021

Quelle honte ! Comment au 21ème siècle les États peuvent-ils laisser faire des cruautés pareilles pour le plaisir? C'est facile de se battre contre un taureau sans défenses ! La pratique de la corrida soulève des problèmes sur la personnalité des hommes qui participent à la mise à mort des taureaux et à toutes les souffrances qu'ils infligent à ces pauvres bêtes. Et en plus, ils sont fiers de ce qu'ils font. Franchement, on peut quand même s'interroger sur leur équilibre mental ainsi que celle du public.

Topper Harley | Tuesday 06 October 2020

Eh ben, bel exemple du genre "inhumain" à l'aube de 2021 , et on trouve encore des "gens" qui paient, qui applaudissent et c'est çà , "l'humanité"...? à quel moment peut on se considérer comme un être à part entière quand on voit çà...?