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A new aquarium project in Dieppe, we must act quickly!

A new aquarium project in Dieppe, we must act quickly!

Mis à jour le 06 April 2019

Under the heat of the tropics, near the coastlines, manatees live their lives quietly. Here, delicious plants, immersed or floating on the surface of the water, delight their taste buds. Often, they take pleasure in scratching the banks with their legs to find succulent roots. But all this will be a distant memory for these nonchalant beings. The city of Dieppe has authorized the construction of a new aquarium. Sharks, turtles and many other species that live in tropical waters will soon be torn from their natural environment to be placed in this jar.

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Edit of March 9, 2019:

We learn through the press (Dieppe information - March 8th, 2019) that there will eventually be no marine mammals (manatee, dolphin) or turtle, even if it was initially considered at the beginning of the project. Sharks, they will not be exempt form this chance. There will be many in this jar ...

Locked up to go crazy

What did they do to deserve such a life? When they are stuck in this aquarium, no one will hear their cries, yet they try with all their might. It is not because we do not hear them, that they do not suffer!

This glass prison is so narrow, so oppressive, so devoid of any vegetation peculiar to that of their tropical waters ... Everything is wrong. Difficult for sharks to flourish, they who are able to cross an entire ocean. Here they are trapped. Sharks spend part of their day roaming the water, ready to find their meal of the day! Here, no hunting, no quest. The food is imposed on them and given directly. The trouble is terrible.

An elaborate communication and still unknown to humans

Most fish, including the smallest of them, have very fine hearing, far superior to that of humans. They hear everything that goes on in the water, sounds that are inaudible to us. The crashing and banging of the filter machines hammer constantly in their heads. Not to mention that of the crowd that taps on the glass and whose footsteps resound all around!

How do we communicate with aquatic beings around us? Even if they love to do so by grinding their teeth or rubbing their bones, all this hubbub hinders their social life. Artificial light, on the other hand, can destroy part of their visual sensitivity, so very sensitive indeed.

Swimming with them, causes extra stress

As if depriving them of their freedom was not enough, a diving pool is planned inside the aquarium. A great sufferance for all tropical fish, for which the human presence will be an important source of stress. Their already reduced living space is invaded by human beings, whose presence they feel, voices they hear and perceive each time their movements into what little territory they have. Can they not have just a little respite? A hint of rest?

Living in captivity means trying to survive in an environment that leaves almost no chance. The recent case of hammerhead sharks at the Nausicaá aquarium demonstrates this: only two of the thirty individuals survived in just a few months. In the same place, a manta ray perished due to parasites in its digestive system. The proliferation of bacteria is inherent in the systems of aquariums ... We constantly denounce this! Stress, overcrowding, boredom, premature death, such is the harsh reality of life in captivity.

Let's act before it's too late! Express your indignation to the city of Dieppe and the Prefecture of Seine-Maritime and ask them to prevent this aquarium project (Download the model letter at your disposal).

City of Dieppe

  • Email:
  • Twitter: @Dieppefr
  • Address: Dieppe City Hall - Jehan Ango Park, BP 226 - 76203 Dieppe Cedex

Prefecture of Seine-Maritime

  • Twitter: @Prefet76
  • Address: Prefecture of Seine-Maritime - 7, place de la Madeleine CS16036 - 76 036 Rouen cedex

And please sign the petition!

Séverine Bazin
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Sinclair | Tuesday 23 April 2019

Honte au Maire de Dieppe!
Maintenant les animaux c'est sont les "humains" avec leur comportement sauvage!
La tête ne sert plus à raisonner, mais à faire que du MAL!

Christel | Wednesday 10 April 2019

L'homme dans toute sa splendeur...quelle honte.

Kitty 1947 | Sunday 31 March 2019

Ce projet est cruel parce qu'il nuit au bien-être de ces animaux
intelligents et sensibles.

dg1965 | Friday 29 March 2019

laissez ces animaux chez eux en paix au lieu de les exposer dans ces aquariums où ils n'ont aucune place !! ce n'est pas pas leur environnement naturel!!! ils sont malheureux!! c'est de l'exploitation!!! comme d'habitude l'Homme préfère ses propres intérêts financiers au bien-être d'autres êtres vivants!!! donc NON, NON et encore NON à cet aquarium!! :(:(:(