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For those who don’t count ...

For those who don’t count ...

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Europe requires its member states to publish annual data on the volume of animals being tested. For without quantifying its victims, science could kill without counting. This is unfortunately the case ... So, action !

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In 2015, the European Commission wrote: "Animal testing should be phased out. This is the ultimate purpose of EU legislation ... ". Without numbers, which places the victims in a real black hole, how do they measure progress? This posture is untenable for One Voice and citizens who no longer want these procedures, nor the opacity that surrounds them.

Obligations not respected

According to Article 54 of the European Directive on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes, as any Member State, France must publish each year figures on its progress towards the abandonment of animal testing. Problem is: the latest statistics from the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation dated from 2016! In recent years, the Ministry also recalled that because of transitional measures (until the end of 2017), any comparison with previous figures would be inappropriate until 2018. Well ok, we waited and are now in 2019, So, when? Updated, consolidated, legible and in line with the statistical formats of the European Union?

2018 should have been more than one year of fertile figures quantifying the real level of victims of animal testing in France and Europe. The European Union’s last report on the subject dates back to 2013 and is expected to be five years old. We think about the exact balance of the REACH Regulation, governing the use of chemicals in Europe. We also think about the use of animal testing that could explode because of this regulation through the testing of products for registration, required until May 2018.

Without transparency, we are lying

One Voice has been constantly asking for the truth and updated statistics on animal testing in France, by many means of appeal: letters to the ministry, the last dating from November 2018, but also, in the absence of response, appeal before Administrative Records Access Commission (CADA). This time, the cup is full and we will file a complaint to the European institutions for noncompliance with the directive 2010/63 and violation of its article 54.

Except to flout the rules or to modify the perimeters to dilute the reality, if our virtuous science has really taken the measure of legislation (that is to quantify the number of its victims) and the spirit of its letter (to reduce this number) Then, where are the numbers ?

We fear the worst ! The latest figures from the European Union, consolidated on 2011 data, say that about 11.5 million animals are killed per year in European laboratories. In France (2016 figures), there are more than 1.9 million animals. If in 2019 these numbers are not lower, citizens will know that it’s wishful thinking, ensuring that science is working to reduce this massacre is all but lies. It’s a joke. But should these figures be published !

Frédéric Rideau
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Atrocity and abundance of animal experimentation projects in France: the banality of everyday life One Voice is asking France to encourage alternative methods to animal testing in the EU

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Stephane | Tuesday 30 April 2019

C'est révoltant, arrêtons de torturer les animaux !!
Il est grand temps de remplacer le modèle animal par un modèle non-animal plus fiable et surtout sans cruauté.
Bravo pour votre détermination et tous vos efforts, continuez ainsi !

Karine et Philippe | Monday 29 April 2019

La France, pays des droits de l'homme ne daigne pas publier le nombre de morts parmi les êtres vivants que l'on utilise inutilement pour la recherche, mais que l'on fait souffrir comme des martyrs. C'est sans doute parce que nos dirigeants n'ont aucune empathie pour les animaux et n'ont pas intérêt à ce que les chiffres soit publiés, pour ne pas porter préjudice à leurs amis les lobbystes. Il existe d'autres alternatives et cela a été prouvé scientifiquement, alors pourquoi ne pas les mettre en pratique???? Les animaux sont considérés selon le Code Civil comme des êtres vivants dotés de sensibilité, en aucun cas droit, nous avons à les considérer comme des cobayes. Il est grand temps que ce massacre cesse. Les espèces sont déjà en voie de disparition. Toutes les mesures doivent être prises afin de les préserver.

HLN | Friday 26 April 2019

Bien trop triste alors stop

trochu | Friday 26 April 2019

Comme je l'ai déjà mentionné dans l'article précédent concernant l'expérimentation animale, je pleure et je pleure pour toutes ces cruautés, pour toute cette barbarie, pour toute cette exploitation ignoble, immonde et INACCEPTABLE D'ANIMAUX ETRES VIVANTS, je ne vois nullement l'intérêt de torturer et mutiler des êtres vivants pour "sauver nos vies" alors que leurs vies ont autant de valeur, autant d'importance que les nôtres. Rien que de voir ces photos d'animaux dont ici des singes, dont on connaît la grande intelligence, la grande sensibilité, les grandes émotions et facultés mentales, comme la grande partie des animaux, me rendent tristes et sont à en pleurer.