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Eleven members of Bosnian parliament submitted request for assessment of constitutionality

Eleven members of Bosnian parliament submitted request for assessment of constitutionality

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Enforcement of the fur farming ban has been unconstitutionally prolonged to additional ten years, just fourty days after the ban took effect on 1st January 2018. For this reason, and with the initiative of “Anti-Fur Coalition Bosnia and Herzegovina” and “EVA” organization for animal rights and environment protection, partner of One Voice in the Fur Free Alliance, a Request for an Assessment of Constitutionality has been submitted to the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina by eleven parliamentary members of the House of Representatives.

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Even in their previous mandates, the parliament members Saša Magazinović, Jasmin Emrić, Nada Mladina, Zukan Helez, Nermin Nikšić, Edita Đapo, Mirsad Kukić, Predrag Kojović, Mirjana Marinković-Lepić, Aida Baručija and especially Mr. Damir Arnaut, actively opposed to violating the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina by prolonging the official deadline of enforcing the fur ban, and this time they have officially acted as well, by submitting the mentioned Request to the Constitutional Court. 

In 2017, during ongoing parliament discussions and an effort to protect the constitutional integrity of the ban, our Anti-Fur Coalition had, with the great help of PETA Germany and Fur Free Alliance - an international alliance of 50 organisations worldwide, united in their battle against the cruel industry of fur production from which One Voice is the French representative - constantly drawn public attention to negative effects of fur farming in the world, as well as providing valid arguments for why the ban should be enforced in Bosnia, as established by law.

At the same time, an Eko-BiH network had sent an open letter to PSBiH, stating their opposition to prolonging the enforcement of the fur ban, due to the negative effects the fur farming has on the environment.

The exhibition-conference “Make Fur History” in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In April 2019, an exhibition conference “Make Fur History” was held in Parliamentary Assembly of B&H, organized by Fur Free Alliance. The conference enumerated the well established facts regarding animal welfare, environment protection and preservation of biodiversity, as well as a necessary European trend toward banning the natural fur production.

Marianne Thieme, Member of Dutch Parliament, on behalf of Party for the Animals, has also taken participation at the conference. During the conference, the open letter by Eko-BiH was displayed in the form of exhibition panel. In addition, the attendees could also hear the video messages from European Parliament, as well as the Center for Environment Preservation from Banja Luka (Centar za životnu sredinu, Banja Luka).

« On behalf of Anti-Fur Coalition and EVA organizations, we would like to thank our parliament members for giving their vote against Bosnia and Herzegovina to be viewed as a backward country in the eyes of the rest of Europe. It is important to mention that, until 2018, Bosnia and Herzegovina was the fourth country in the world that banned fur farming, setting a positive example for Europe and the rest of the world. »
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Hearing on 28 February 2024: One Voice supports the ELLE brand against the furriers' union ba&sh’s animal welfare policy recognised by the Fur Free Retailer programme

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MARC | Saturday 04 April 2020

Un animal n'est pas un objet mais doué de sensibilité

Stephane | Wednesday 08 January 2020

Insupportable de voir toutes ces horreurs, il faut interdire cet odieux commerce !

doris schwiers | Wednesday 01 January 2020

Un animal n'est pas un objet, un animal n'est pas un cadeau, un animal est un être vivant ! Avoir un animal dans sa vie implique des responsabilités !

philippe | Tuesday 31 December 2019

Quelle honte que de poursuivre l'élevage d'animaux uniquement pour leur fourrure! Cela est d'autant plus incroyable, qu'aucune personne ne peut aujourd'hui arguer de sa méconnaissance de cette question, après les nombreuses informations qui ont été publiées à ce sujet.