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One Voice v. mink farm in Montarlot: victory!

One Voice v. mink farm in Montarlot: victory!

Mis à jour le 11 February 2021

The hearing held on 13 October in the Administrative Court of Besançon resulted in a victory for us: authorisation to expand the farm in Montarlot issued by the prefecture of Haute-Saône was withdrawn. Now is not the time to expand but for the last four fur farms in France to be closed down immediately. Living in a cage, being gassed for the 'needs' of the fashion industry or because of a pandemic ... Not even one more mink must be born on these fur farms.

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The decree issued by the Prefect of Haute-Saône in December 2017 authorising the breeder to increase the capacity of his fur farm from 2000 to 7700 animals was set aside. The submissions of the French Association of Mink Farmers were deemed to be inadmissible.

A timely decision

In addition to the evidence that we gave to the court, showing that the prefectoral decree was not in compliance, now is a good time to close down these fur farms, in France as elsewhere.

« I have asked the relevant departments of the Ministry to inspect all the farms in France where American mink are bred. I shall take the necessary steps if failures or irregularities are found. »
Barbara Pompili, the Minister of Ecology, responding to our concerns about mink farms in France in a letter dated 27 October

Mink on fur farms worldwide are victims of Covid19 too and the virus mutates in them, risking making any future vaccine ineffective in humans. Therefore urgent action must be taken before the problem arises in France.

We are delighted at this judgement and are looking forward to seeing all fur farms close down before the year is out. Political decisions must be acted upon, even if it means speeding up the timetable previously announced.

Julia Mothé
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Stéphane | Friday 20 November 2020

Le Covid 19 a émergé dans ces immondes marchés d’animaux en Chine, et maintenant est en train de muter dans ces honteux élevages de visons...
Combien de pandémies et de morts faudra-t-il encore pour que l’humanité comprenne enfin qu’il est temps de fermer définitivement tous ces élevages immondes et de respecter les animaux ??

anne | Thursday 19 November 2020

Élever des animaux dans de telles conditions est parfaitement indigne. Comment peut-on arriver à des situations aussi abjectes et comment ose-t-on parler de "dignité humaine" ?

Rose | Thursday 19 November 2020

Mon Dieu faites que l'humanité se réveille sur les atrocités perpétrées contre les animaux non-humains, pour que vive l'amour et la beauté du monde vivant.
Merci de penser et d'aimer les animaux, merci de changer nos attitudes!

Mic | Wednesday 18 November 2020

C'est déjà horrible en soi d'élever des visons pour leur fourrure et maintenant les pandémies s'en trouvent plus risquées. Il est grand temps d'arrêter ce massacre!