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No to an exception for hunting during the second lockdown

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Since the second lockdown was announced Willy Schraen, the President of the Federation of Hunters, has constantly harassed the Ministry of Ecology in an effort to get round the rules that apply to each and every one of us. Each time an objection is made to their deadly pastime the lobbyists and representatives of the National Federation of Hunters try to obtain special privileges. We are writing to the Ministry to challenge its decision to grant such privileges.

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The lobby given one special privilege after another

The exception that allows hunters to leave their homes in circumstances other than those authorised by the current regulations was granted after they had been refused an "hour of relaxation in the form of hunting" within a radius of one kilometre from home.

That showed that the hunters would use any excuse whatsoever in order to continue to kill. They aren't motivated by the desire to render any sort of service to the public but rather by the pleasure of shedding the blood of animals.

A ministerial circular that broadens existing prerogatives

On 31 October a Ministry of Ecology circular asked departmental prefects to "grant exceptions to the lockdown relating to wildlife control and destruction of species of animal likely to cause damage".

In this way the Ministry is sowing confusion between two distinct practices: 'control' and 'destruction'. Hunting (control) is therefore added to a practice (destruction) that was already authorized during lockdown in the event of damage.

Inequality among the French

At this time, so painful for so many of us, solidarity and decency should take precedence over the destructive pleasure and pointless interests of hunters. Such a get-out clause is the embodiment of the privilege of a very small category of the population unwilling to sacrifice any of its leisure time even to protect others.

We are writing today to the Minister and her Secretary of State responsible for biodiversity in order to have this circular amended: forests, meadows and their wildlife are part of the common heritage of the nation and those who don't hunt, who are in the majority, have the right to quiet enjoyment of nature within the regulatory limit of one kilometre from their homes.

Translated by Patricia Fairey

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trochu | Thursday 12 November 2020

Une telle dérogation pour les chasseurs en période de confinement, alors que la grande majorité des français est de plus en plus contre la chasse, démontre à quel point LREM n'agit pas en faveur des animaux. Nous devons continuer à nous battre et dénoncer la chasse qui n'est qu'un moyen pour ces monstres d'assouvir leur soif de tuer à leurs guises de pauvres êtres vivants innocents et sans défenses qui eux, n'ont pas de fusils pour se défendre.

Aubepepe | Wednesday 11 November 2020

Écoeurée de cette position qui va à l'encontre des directives imposées à la majorité. Une exception de plus pour cette caste qui joue de sa position affichée. Pour quoi au résultat ? Nourrir un sentiment de supériorité par la mise à mort d'êtres vivants sans défenses. Une boucherie qui de nos jours n'a plus aucun sens. Si la violence ou la bêtise avaient quelque intérêt dans notre société, cela se saurait. Il est temps de stopper cette pratique barbare et d'apprendre à respecter toute forme de vie, cela va de notre propre survie. Mais les chasseurs comprendront-ils? Ils n'ont pas de coeur, mais ont-ils encore un cerveau ?

JF 67 | Wednesday 11 November 2020

La chasse est devenue un loisir et comme tout loisir cela n'est pas autorisé durant le confinement. Les animaux ne s'en porteront que mieux et nous aussi. Au moins il y aura moins d'accidents.

Randomontagne | Wednesday 11 November 2020

Que les chasseurs commencent d’abord à arrêter leur pratiques visant à la prolifération du gibier (agrainage, élevage...). La nature sait se réguler toute seule!