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Naelys Provence: A brand bearing two One Voice logos

Naelys Provence: A brand bearing two One Voice logos

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Naelys Provence produces eco-friendly soaps and body care products, and has become involved with One Voice by obtaining two logos for its brand, guaranteeing no animal suffering.

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Naelys Provence produces its soaps and cosmetic products in the Provence region of France. Ethics are key for the brand, which selects the raw materials itself, sourced as a priority from organic agriculture and locally. Its soaps are handmade using the low-energy cold saponification process, ensuring products of high quality. Colours are obtained using natural pigments, plants and clays.  

Naelys Provence refuses to use palm oil, even organic palm oil, since it is difficult, if not impossible, to find ethically-produced palm oil in the quantities needed. Every year, hectares of forest are cleared. And with them, orangutans and other wild animals, which may be threatened with extinction, disappear. All this to make way for oil palm plantations, mainly for the agri-food sector.

Reflecting the values of One Voice

The One Voice logo guarantees ethical consumption free of animal testing. By adhering to it, a brand certifies that neither the end product nor its ingredients have been tested on animals and that they are not sold in China where animal testing is still likely to be carried out on any product placed on the market. Naelys Provence in particular has two logos since its products, like those of Ratchaprao, do not involve forced labour by monkeys for coconut harvesting. That version of the logo has a small "c" underneath the tiger. This highly economical method of harvesting is widespread among plantations in Southeast Asia, the heart of global production. 

Naelys Provence has joined thousands of French and foreign companies that have products, or their entire brand, bearing the One Voice logo. Find them on our dedicated website which also includes ethical fashion logos.

Translated from the French by Mahersh Shah

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Isaline | Friday 24 July 2020

Un grand bravo à la Naelys Provence!!

Annick | Thursday 04 February 2021

Stop à la souffrance gratuite des animaux qui vivent dans un enfer permanent. Pour qui se prend l'espèce humaine pour s'octroyer le droit d'infliger des tortures pareilles. Bravo à One Voice et merci au nom de tous les animaux !