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"Museaux & Sacs à Dos" – two athletes taking action for animals

"Museaux & Sacs à Dos" – two athletes taking action for animals

Mis à jour le 15 August 2020

Manuel and Joris are preparing to cover 1,300 kilometres along the GR5 trail, from Wissembourg in the Grand Est to Menton on the Côte d’Azur, their sole means of transport being their feet. They aim to raise awareness about animal rights and fundraise for those we defend. They have named their energetic and engaging endeavour "Museaux & Sacs à Dos" ("Snouts & Rucksacks"), and we will be following it from start to finish.

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With less than 50 years between them, the two friends form an attractive combination of muscle, intelligence and kindness. Manuel has been a sports coach for two years, a job which is in keeping with his degree in sports science.  He has always boxed, and has recently discovered a passion for triathlons. Joris meanwhile has a dual degree, in sports engineering in particular. His two passions, nature and sport, marry perfectly, especially as he prefers outdoor sports such as tennis.

A common love of the great outdoors and surpassing oneself

Joris typically spends his summers on travel camps abroad, through which he meets other people, pushes his limits and discovers remote and magical places. However, due to the exceptional circumstances this year, these camps have been cancelled. As he has dreamt of hiking the GR5 trail for a long time and he has a real passion for mountains, Joris invited Manuel to join him in this endeavour.  

As a lover of nature and all that forms it, especially its animal inhabitants who have fascinated him since childhood, Manuel wanted to support a cause. Vegetarian for many years, his lifestyle is constantly evolving, moving towards veganism. It wasn't difficult for him to convince Joris, who had also begun to reduce his consumption of animal products, that animals should be the beneficiaries of their joint project.



From awareness to action for animals

And so "Museaux & Sacs à Dos" came into being. It is not a simple hike that awaits them, but a high-level athletic challenge. They will set off from their home region, cross the Vosges, the Jura and then the Alpes, Joris’ adopted home, carrying their food, shelter and all their belongings on their backs. Once they reach the Mediterranean Sea, they will have covered 1,300 kilometres on foot and raised awareness of the plight of birds, badgers, foxes, wolves, deer, rabbits and the many other animals we fight for. During their preparations, choosing to raise funds for us was a straightforward decision for them, given the values we have in common, namely protecting the environment and wildlife, and our love of nature.

For Manuel and Joris:

« One Voice is an extraordinary organisation when it comes to showing, sharing and (especially) acting! That's why we hold One Voice dear. It has run tons of campaigns and comes closest to the image and values we wish to convey: passion, determination and action. It is an honour to be representing them. »

During this expedition, they hope to connect with nature and living beings. The plan is to produce videos summing up the legs of their expedition, shedding light on moments of happiness and personal achievements, and allowing us to admire the breathtaking countryside they will have passed through and, of course, the non-human beings they will have been lucky to come across.

« We hope this adventure will open the eyes of those who are not aware of this cause. And it’s also a great way to show how not eating animal products and being (very) fit is absolutely possible! »

We are organising a Facebook Live event on 21st July 2020 at 7pm (France time) so that you can meet Manu and Joris and put your questions to them. Send us your questions in advance to  with the subject "Museaux & Sacs à Dos" by midday (France time) on 21st July.  

The expedition starts on 9th August 2020! Follow them on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages!

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Loulou | Thursday 30 July 2020

Super initiative

Popeye | Monday 20 July 2020

Très belle initiative (qui pour être un minimum efficace devrait être relayée par les médias) quand on apprend aussi que le gouvernement encourage les abandons d'animaux dans les laboratoires !!!! que l'on peut chasser à la glue etc... La France est le pays de la honte. Espérons que les associations sont vent debout, pour ce comportement encouragé de la honte comme si l’abandon lâche ne suffisait pas.
Pensons à tous les animaux qui seront volés pour le profit et pour que les labos testent leurs produits qui ne soignent même plus etc....ou qui ne sont pas fiables.

trochu | Saturday 18 July 2020

Fabuleux, magnifique, grandiose et splendide, à ces deux hommes qui agissent pour la cause animale et je suis sûre que cette action va permettre d'ouvrir les yeux, les coeurs et que des prises de conscience se feront, c'est évident. Enfin des personnes qui s'engagent en faveur des animaux et de leur protection en agissant, ce qui ne peut que faire évoluer les mentalités pour les animaux, cela me fait chaud au coeur que les animaux ne soient pas oubliés.

pouguy | Friday 17 July 2020

c'est une très bonne idée, comment n'y avoir pas pensé plus tot, mais mieux vaut tard que jamais