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Marineland is considering sending its orcas to a dolphinarium in Japan: One Voice is preparing an attack

Marineland is considering sending its orcas to a dolphinarium in Japan: One Voice is preparing an attack

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It is with anger that we learnt the news. Marineland in Antibes, who exploited Inouk, Moana, Wikie, and Keijo for their whole lives, has, from the end of 2023 or beginning of 2024 during the annual park closure, started to consider sending them to Japan. With us, demand that this cynical project be abandoned and that the four ‘French’ orcas be placed in a sanctuary where they can finally experience something other than captivity!

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Already at the end of 2019, Marineland Antibes had considered sending Inouk, Moana, Wikie, and Keijo to China. Four years later, they have not given up on making one last bit of profit off the back of them. The four whales had even been measured to choose the size of the transport stretchers according to a whistle-blower who contacted us directly and another source in agreement who went through our partners from the Tilikum’s Spirit collective.

Parques Réunidos, who have dozens of parks, this time intend to send them to Japan (even if they deny it - Updated 24.05 at 4pm, Marineland stated in Nice-Matin that they cannot ‘confirm or deny’ this information. And added, in a legislative context strengthened by the law of 30 November 2021 on animal mistreatment, [that they are] "reviewing several possibilities for the relocation" of these animals”), where a water park - the Suma Aqualife Park eventually renamed as Kobe Suma Sea World in the Hyōgo Prefecture - is undergoing construction. And undoubtedly for a more lucrative transaction, they stopped Wikie's contraception, which suggests a new forced reproduction for this whale who was already inseminated when she was barely 8 years old.

The State abandons orcas

Is this therefore how the government intends to keep their promise to put an end to orcas in captivity between now and 2030? By leaving French parks to get rid of them abroad, where they will continue to be exploited until their last breath, rather than looking to place them in sanctuaries like they promised?

It is unacceptable that Marineland Antibes, who received public help from both the State and communities, are allowed to dispose of French whales as they please, without being accountable to anyone.

Sanctuaries rather than more exploitation!

In partnership with the Whale Sanctuary Project, One Voice has developed a protocol to prepare orcas in captivity for life in a sanctuary. In six months, the Marineland orcas could gain back their muscle mass lost due to inactivity and learn to eat as much as they want, without having to entertain a gallery to be entitled to food. With an in-depth veterinary examination and the necessary care, Inouk, Moana, Wikie, and Keijo could claim a place in a sanctuary, where they would get a taste of partial freedom for the first time. What a joy it would be to see them swimming together off the coast of Canada, in an environment similar to that which was hardly known by their parents, all while receiving the protection and medical care that they have needed their whole lives!

It is still possible to avoid them being imprisoned and relentlessly trained!

We are calling on the State to fund this type of sanctuary, as they should have done from the beginning, and to decide against sending them to other dolphinariums. Aside from our opposition to their relentless exploitation, we are concerned about Inouk, whose health is very poor. Will he even make it to Japan if Marineland insist on subjecting him to such a long commercial journey? We expect the water park to take into consideration the orcas that they are keeping and that they work with us to place them in a sanctuary, respecting their needs. If they were to be sold to Japan, we would never forget this decision and would continue the fight for them, also in Antibes. As will be the case before the Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal on 19 June to gain an independent expert assessment on Inouk and Moana.

Along with us, demand that Inouk, Moana, Wikie, and Keijo are cared for by a sanctuary rather than being sent to Japan by signing our petition!

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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The court prohibit Marineland from relocating the orcas before the end of the independent assessment Marineland: One Voice has obtained a temporary ban on moving the orcas - hearing on 16/01/2024

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Ktinou64 | Wednesday 13 September 2023

Bonjour, est il trop tard pour signer la pétition ? Je voudrais la mettre sur mon réseau Facebook

One Voice | Thursday 14 September 2023

Bonjour, la pétition est toujours en cours :) Un grand merci à vous !

chihiro | Thursday 31 August 2023


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moustic | Sunday 28 May 2023

Le jour ou les parents cesseront d'emmener leurs enfants assister à ces simulacres de bonheur !!!! On aura tout gagné !
Malheureusement, on en est loin ! Les Hommes sont désepérants !
J'avais écris au Parc Axtérix au sujet de Femke, il m'avait répondu ... à côté !
j'ai riposté mais ...silence !!!!
Cependant , il faut continuer à se battre ! Un jour peut-être...