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FAADA's fight for Dumba

FAADA's fight for Dumba

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Dumba is a 41-year-old Asian elephant. She was captured when very small. Her life? To be rented out to circuses around the world and to audio-visual companies.

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Our partner in several European and international coalitions, the FAADA association, has been fighting for many years to have her taken out of this situation.

Because when Dumba is not subject to transportation or training, she is forced to live in a tiny garden in Catalonia, totally under-sized for her, without any enrichment or stimulation, and her movements limited by an electrified fence.

In 2014, the authorities concerned, the Generalitat and the Town Hall of Caldes de Montbui gave the "owners" of Dumba six months to bring the facilities up to standard. Four years later, this has still not been followed up, and no sanction has been taken either!

The story of Dumba looks like Maya's. The same as us for Mia, FAADA demands that Dumba be transferred to a sanctuary as well!

Elephants should be able to walk in groups, as they are when in the wild, several tens of kilometres a day, and be protected, away from any human presence. Please sign the petition!


Julia Mothé
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trochu | Saturday 19 May 2018

Toujours et encore très attristant et émouvant de telles exploitations d'animaux sauvages ETRES VIVANTS et non "objets, meubles ou marchandises". Cet éléphant parmi tous les autres doit être libéré et délivré d'un tel esclavage qui n'est que HONTEUX INACCEPTABLE ! Il faut être totalement vide, insensible, et n'avoir aucun respect, aucune éthique ni morale pour se comporter ainsi envers des animaux ce qui doit changer et ne doit plus continuer.