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Fake fur will be a big hit in Shanghai!

Fake fur will be a big hit in Shanghai!

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A fashion show, an exhibition, a gala to put fake fur in the spotlight, this is what One Voice's partner ACTAsia is organizing as part of its participation in the Fur Free Alliance. China is the largest exporter of real fur in the world. This event is crucial in changing the mentalities under way in the China.

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One Voice has been fighting for years against the fur industry, which exploits and kills mink, foxes, chinchillas and rabbits, in excruciating conditions, for their beautiful coat which is soft or warm. These animals are considered by the industry as raw materials, while they are all without exception sentient beings, with needs that have nothing to do with what humanity has in store for them.

One Voice is the French representative of the Fur Free Alliance (FFA), an international coalition of grassroots associations, fighting the fur trade, and brands selling it. This coalition is well known because it assigns the label Fur Free Retailer (FFR) to brands, groups and designers who have stopped using this material derived from the cruelty of animals. The Fur Free Alliance, like One Voice, is looking for solutions and changes in mentalities, in parallel with a dynamic fight against animal suffering.

Among the last "names" of which the FFA has awarded its label to: Versace, Mickael Kors, Gucci, The North Face. In France, the designer Franck Sorbier and La Redoute who produce ready-to-wear have also received the FFR label.

This year, the Chinese representative for the Fur Free Alliance, ACTAsia - with whom One Voice has collaborated with for ten years to help fund actions towards animal empathy within the education criteria of Chinese schools - organize events like no other, to highlight fake fur as beautiful, warm and as soft as the real thing, which is also upheld by the renowned fashion designers. Textile innovations will also be honoured.

These new materials, presenting concrete alternatives to animal exploitation, are derived from recycling, in order to promote sustainable fashion, which really reduces its impact on the planet in terms of waste and pollution. The reflection goes even further; the materials produced and presented will have been designed taking into account human well-being as well, with the guarantee that the workers will not have been exploited.

From May 23rd to May 25th in Shanghai, there will be a gala, a fashion show, an exhibition and a forum, in cooperation with the London College of Fashion.

Celebrities will come from all over the world. The star dancer Sophie Guillem will be one of the French stars to carry the voice of animals to the general public in China against the cruelty of animal breeding for their coats.

There is no reason to wear fur today: the fur industry is cruel and polluting, current technologies enables you to wear warm clothes made from other materials, and if the aesthetics of the coat still pleases all the same, then fake fur is now as beautiful as the real thing.

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ba&sh’s animal welfare policy recognised by the Fur Free Retailer programme Fur: more than 1,500,000 signatures to put an end to this industry in Europe!

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TERMELIK | Thursday 23 August 2018

Quand allons-nous en finir avec la torture de tous ces animaux quels qu'ils soient ??
Il faut que les femmes prennent conscience qu'elles ne doivent pas devenir le honteux alibi de ces tortures, qu'elles ne cautionnent pas ces horreurs…tout cela pour porter de la " vraie fourrure ", alors que ces mêmes chinois sont en train de FAIRE DE BELLES FAUSSES FOURRURES !!!!
Si les femmes veulent continuer à se faire complices de ces massacres, de ces abominables mutilations, de tout ce sang versé…alors c'est qu'elles sont accrochées désespérément à l'apparence.

trochu | Saturday 19 May 2018

Super et franchement merveilleux ! MERCI ONE VOICE d'agir dans d'autres pays pour informer et sensibiliser la population à la cause animale dont ici, la fourrure. Selon moi, il est de toute façon impensable de torturer, de massacrer, de maltraiter et tuer des animaux dans des conditions ignobles "juste pour se vêtir", c'est ahurissant car les animaux sont des ETRES VIVANTS au même titre que nous et non "inférieurs" ils sont sur terre pour pouvoir vivre heureux, dans le respect le plus total, dans la paix et tranquillités auprès des leurs et non pas "pour les besoins quelconques d'humains" une telle mentalité doit absolument changer et évoluer en faveur des animaux ETRES VIVANTS comme nous.

PIMPRENELLE | Saturday 19 May 2018

MERCI POUR VOTRE ACTION. Effectivement si vous êtes parvenus à faire admettre en Chine que la fausse fourrure était plus chic et plus "in" que la vraie : c'est une révolution des mentalités. Un grand bravo à vous.
C'est aussi une action importante que vous menez en Chine pour l'éducation dans les écoles à l'empathie animale.
Bientôt les Chinois abandonneront la fourrure issue des animaux. La France continuera t'elle seule à exploiter les "fermes à fourrure" ? car rien ne bouge dans notre pays sur le sujet.