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Griffin: burned alive and thrown out of a window

Griffin: burned alive and thrown out of a window

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Abusers are capable of causing undue pain to both animals and humans alike. Griffin lost his life at the hands of such unspeakable violence, while his human companion's safety was also jeaprodized. The only redeeming part of this story is that their tortuter was eventually tried in court.

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Griffin's human companion had been having relationship issues for some time when she decided to take action into her own hands and end things once and for all. However, her boyfriend had anger issues that she could not have foreseen. Unfortunately, Griffin became caught up in his attempt seek to vengeance. The boyfriend threatened to set fire to the cat unless she agreed to hand over her phone. When she did not comply, he doused Griffin in rubbing alcohol and approached him with a lighter. In this moment, words became reality. Griffin's fur caught on fire.

The terror and pain Griffin endured did not stop there. In an effort to hide under the couch, Griffin set fire to the entire apartment. In response, the boyfriend grabbed him, hurling him out the window. The girlfriend was helpless; all she could do was call her ex-husband for help. Both of the owner and her ex-husband were subjected physical violence until the authorities arrived and intervened. Violence is blind and does not discriminate with regards to species.

The concerned neighbors, who were awakened by his cries of pain, took Griffin immediately to a veterinarian. But the damage was already done. After one and half hours of agony, the veterinarian had no choice other than to euthanize him.

One Voice appeared as the civil party in the trial that took place on February 1, 2016 in Nice. Griffin's torturer was sentenced to two years in prison, a six-month suspended sentence with probation, and a lifetime ban on owning animals. He appealed the decision.

Rather than separating the human case from the animal during the legal proceedings, One Voice request that a single public prosecutor review the entire incidents. We believe that in order to strengthen the case against cruelty, the link between animal abuse and human violence should be recognized and every species treated equally under the law.

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Cathy | Friday 07 April 2017

Bon sang quelle horreur ! Et il veut faire appel ? Non mais ça va pas bien la cafetière? Je parie qu'il a aussi dit que sous le choc de la rupture il ne savait plus ce qu'il faisait et patati et patata. D'abord qu'il sache qu'à mes yeux il n'est RIEN ! Il n'a pas de coeur et pas d'âme ! Il n'a même pas été terminé ! Mais une chose me rassure c'est qu'il est seul face à son miroir ! Et sa conscience pour peu qu'il en ait une ce dont je doute...

Gaya94 | Wednesday 15 February 2017

Les animaux sont maintenant reconnus comme êtres sensibles. C'est bien mais il faudrait que la Justice agisse en ce sens pour protéger ces êtres innocents qui ressentent la douleur physique tout comme l'Homme, et également la douleur psychologique ! C'est écoeurant de devoir constater toute cette barbarie et cruauté impunies.

Alex | Wednesday 11 January 2017

2 ans et il a le culot de faire appel !
Ce pauvre chat innocent, lui, a pris perpette.

Caro | Sunday 25 September 2016

En déposant un commentaire nous devons accepter la charte de modération des commentaires. J'aurais surtout aimé que le tortionnaire de ce chat se modère. De même pour les consommateurs de parties du corps d'animaux. Ils ne mangent pas un produit mais la jambe, le dos ou la côte de quelqu'un.