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Fur in France: the Fur Free Alliance raises its voice!

Fur in France: the Fur Free Alliance raises its voice!

Mis à jour le 11 February 2021

The FFA (Fur Free Alliance), an international coalition against fur of which we are the representatives in France, has followed up on our recent investigations on farms where animals are bred for their fur. Now there's no stopping it. It is calling on all its member associations to put pressure on our government and help us to get the last four establishments in our country shut down before the end of the year.

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Following our recent investigations on the last fur farms in France, the Fur Free Alliance is rising up. This international coalition of more than 50 organisations of which we are the representatives in France is urging its members to put pressure on our government to force it to shut down the establishments remaining in our country and promulgate a total ban on all breeding of animals for their fur. It is revolted by the images we took in 2017, 2019 and August 2020, which

« revealed shocking examples of animal suffering, in particular mink with physical injuries kept in horrific conditions and showing stereotyped behaviour, which is deeply upsetting to see. »

Risks of zoonotic diseases

In addition to the cruel and senseless exploitation of animals for fashion, the FFA is also denouncing the risk of diseases being passed to humans by these fur farms, which has been highlighted by the current pandemic. It emphasises that 

« As of today more than 2 million animals have been slaughtered on more than sixty mink farms in the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and the United States following the detection of SRAS-CoV-2 amongst the mink. According to scientific research carried out in the Netherlands and Denmark, there is solid proof that the virus has been transmitted from mink to humans. »

Join us!

Just when an increasing number of European countries are taking drastic steps to ban the production of fur for ethical and animal-welfare reasons, when the environmental damage caused by these polluting farms has become well known, when their potential danger to health is being discovered, when more and more brands are renouncing the use of fur in their collections and when 77% of the French public rejects it – what are our leaders waiting for? Since our initial investigations our struggle has borne fruit. In four years the number of factories of horror has fallen from eleven to four! But that still leaves four too many! We must not give up the fight: please add your voices to ours and to that of the FFA and support our campaign to get the last mink farms in France shut down:

One Voice's partner organizations, members of the Fur Free Alliance taking part in the operation:

Bont voor Dieren
Born Free USA
Deutscher Tierschutzbund e.V.
Djurens Rätt
Dzīvnieku brīvība
Humánny pokrok
Respect for animals
Tu Abrigo Su Vida
Vier Pfoten
Voices For Animals

Translated by Patricia Fairey

Marie-Sophie Bazin
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