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RSP Martinique needs help against strays

RSP Martinique needs help against strays

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Lack of consideration, lack of funds, diseases, mass slaughter, etc.: Wandering pets have a hard time. In Martinique, a small association tries to make things happen! Let's help their fight against straying.

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In Martinique, dogs and cats without identification survive in search of water and food. Where do they come from? In many cases, unsterile cats are the parents of most of these homeless individuals. And then, there are cases of abandonment. Lost, vulnerable, many have the misfortune of becoming victims of cruel individuals. Others find themselves plagued by many diseases that will be poorly cared for. Left to their own devices, emaciated, without love, without anyone to take care of them, all struggle to survive.

Our 2018 survey shows once again that the only effective way to combat wandering is systematic sterilization combined with public awareness. However, the capture and killing of homeless cats and dogs is the solution too often proposed by the public authorities!

All these little beings are desperately waiting for the comfort of a loving family! Unfortunately, in Martinique as everywhere else in France, places in shelters are rare ... Suffering from lack of funds and lack of help from the authorities, associations are taken by the throat. Raising awareness about sterilization, good care and adoption is paramount.

To help homeless animals in Martinique, a small shelter has been mobilized as much as possible. RSP Martinique volunteers identify, sterilize and care for their survivors. They now welcome 18 dogs and carry out awareness work. Their association is to support, they need all of us to set up a cattery so to welcome cats into the best conditions.

To fight feline strays, we also invite you to sign our petition. There is an emergency all over the country!

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Christel | Wednesday 10 April 2019

Dans quel monde vit-on? .Don fait.

Kitty 1947 | Sunday 31 March 2019

La stérilisation est un bon moyen d'atténuer les souffrances des animaux.

dg1965 | Friday 29 March 2019

bien sûr qu'il faut aider!!!! ce qu'ils font est juste et important pour tous ces pauvres animaux qui ont besoin qu'on s'occupe d'eux!! ce sont des êtres vivants à part entière et ils doivent donc être traités comme tels!!

Stephane | Wednesday 27 March 2019

Merci a One Voice de faire connaitre cette petite association.
Je viens de leur faire un don pour les aider.