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Breeding dogs for animal experiments: an appalling decision from the Court of Appeal

Breeding dogs for animal experiments: an appalling decision from the Court of Appeal

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March 21st 2019, the Paris Court of Appeal condemns One Voice to pay damages and interest in favour of a breeder and also to pay his legal fees. The court forbids us to use the information collected by the bailiff, proving the suffering of these dogs.

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The Paris Court of Appeal has just delivered its verdict, and it’s incomprehensible. It forbids us to use the report of the bailiff, yet obtained on request from the judge of Auxerre who knows the case. All the evidence of mistreatment of the dogs in the breeding farm, the size of the crates, the absence of carers at night to assist the bitches giving birth, all of this information to be shelved! We will not be able to talk about it anymore, nor to bring it to justice. In addition, One Voice is forced to pay 1000 € in respect of the provisional damages to be paid to the Centre du Domaine des Souches and 4000 € of their legal fees.

An aberrant decision, because even if the court seeks to give reason to the breeding, this verdict does not correspond to anything: it is the judge of Auxerre which should - in all logic - be held responsible for the authorization granted to mandate a bailiff to visit the breeder. A justice system that is completely upside down.

What could have led to this unfair decision?

Would it be an attachment to procedures, namely the driver behind their "motivation" (in other words the justification) from the judge of Auxerre who had given his authorization to mandate a bailiff, or would it be in support of the companies who perform animal experimentation…?

In any case, the judges knew that our procedure had brought to light, thanks to this report from the bailiff, numerous elements proving that the breeding - beyond the sufferings inflicted on the dogs because of its activity - was in fact an offense.

The prefecture of the Yonne on regularizing the expansion outside the framework of the regulations, that is to say outlaw our case, this is the other scandal.

Who thinks of these beagles and golden retrievers, who are raised to be treated as experimental material, then killed, apart from us, the animal defenders? Who considers them, each as an individual in its own right? Who is moved by the fate of puppies who die unaccounted for?

The Court of Appeal of Paris, instead of judging on the legitimacy of both our request and that for the authorization to undertake as an observer, grants itself the right to judge this case on the merits, which is not within its jurisdiction! Where are we living? One Voice is determined not to let a court of law take sides on a subject that does not concern it. We will do what is necessary to go to trial to have this judgment annulled, inoperative, ill-timed, and which does not even correspond to what the opposing party demanded!

We are outraged by this justice that calls into question the impartiality of the judge who knows best the elements of the file. What should be done here, even if the laws in place are flouted and that the representatives of the state are on the side of the oppressors?

We have already other complaints against this form of breeding and we will gather together before the Prefecture of Auxerre on May 18th.

Please continue signing and sharing the petition ! Rest assured we will never give up on these beagles and golden retrievers, to leave them to this sad fate that is reserved for them !

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Atrocity and abundance of animal experimentation projects in France: the banality of everyday life One Voice is asking France to encourage alternative methods to animal testing in the EU

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Orion | Saturday 20 November 2021

Il y a d autres pratiques pour faire des expériences médicales. Mais, c'est plus cher.

Eve | Tuesday 03 September 2019

Quelle honte pour notre justice! Les animaux sont des êtres sensibles!

Colette | Tuesday 03 September 2019

Stop à l'expérimentation des beagles et golden retrievers
Je demande la fermeture de ces élevages de la mort.
On le sait aujourd'hui, il y a d'autres solutions, mais certainement moins d'argent à se mettre dans la poche.

tadepourri | Tuesday 03 September 2019

Honte à tous ceux qui font du fric avec l'expérimentation animale (depuis l'éleveur, jusqu'aux labos et plus loin) !