Let's close the dog breeding farm of Mézilles

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Let's close the dog breeding farm of Mézilles

To the attention of the Prefect of Yonne

The number of dogs experimented on in France is increasing, even though European legislation requires the reduction and replacement of experiments on animals. To use alternative methods that are more reliable and less expensive.

Dogs are among the most protected animals in France, thanks to their status as pets. What then must other animals undergo, like: monkeys, rabbits, hamsters, mice ... on laboratory benches?

"The dog breeder" in Mézilles appears to want to legalize the increase of its "capacity of accommodation" since, according to the information from a public inquiry; the limits are already largely exceeded. However, it is already the largest livestock farm in the country to supply animal testing centres.

Breeding and experimentation is the cause of suffering upon suffering.

Bitches are considered "breeders", their young are separated from them, and all are finally sold and sent alive or dead, whole or in pieces (organs, blood ...), in a van several times a week to the laboratories. These highly social and sensitive beings will never have known the warmth of a loving home.

Along with the association One Voice, we are calling for the closure of these Beagle and Golden Retriever dog breeding operations, who supply the laboratories that perform traumatic and often extremely painful experiments on them. #StopAnimalTests

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