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Dolphinariums: South Korea will release two captive dolphins !

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South Korea has decided to release two captive dolphins after 20 years in Seoul Grand Park! Excellent news for One Voice fighting in France for the maintenance of the decree, challenged by Marineland, which must put an end to the activity of dolphinariums.

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Geundeung and Daepo, two male humpback dolphins were captive in Seoul Grand Park since 1997 and 1998. Born in the wild, they will now find freedom on July 18th, in the seas of Jeju Island within a local population of a hundred cetaceans, South Korea have taken this just decision. This is not the first time the Korean park has released dolphins caught "illegally" although, with respect to animal rights, any capture is illegal. In 2013, three dolphins had already been released. Since then, two of them, Sampal and Chunsam have been seen each with a calf ... That should close once and for all the fable that cetaceans would be unable to reintegrate into the wild after a long captivity, one of the arguments from misleading dolphinariums.

In France, the release of captive dolphins is not yet acquired. Proponents of the animal show industry, who reap profits at each round of the pool, are putting their weight behind the cancellation of the decree prohibiting the reproduction of dolphins and their transfer between dolphinariums. Last May, after several years of fighting and working with the Ministry of the Environment, One Voice had obtained the addition of this prohibition to the texts governing the "operating rules of establishments holding cetaceans".

Under the sun of Antibes or elsewhere, the blue sky may be reflected on the surface of the water of these aquatic arenas, but the dolphins are still prisoners and unhappy. They suffer from the absence of family and social links; their essential biological and psychological needs being denied to them.

At the announcement of the signing of this decree, a certain Mr. Nicolas Hulot had tweeted: "Our civilization should no longer tolerate the captivity of dolphins. It's time to finish with the #delphinariums", with the photo of Little Galéo. Off the coast of South Korea, Geumdeung and Daepo, freed dolphins, will be delighted to learn that their captive congeners on our territory, can count on the support of the Minister Nicolas Hulot ...

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helene | Tuesday 18 July 2017


trochu | Tuesday 18 July 2017

Très heureuse et soulagée pour ces deux dauphins emprisonnés illégalement juste "pour amuser et remplir les poches" des détendeurs de ces parcs de l'horreur et de la honte. A la France d'agir et à Mr Hulot de tout faire afin que l'arrêté sur l'interdiction de la reproduction des dauphins ne soit surtout pas remis en question.
Nous avançons toujours davantage pour libérer au maximum partout dans le monde dont en France, des animaux exploités maltraités et torturés pour les besoins ignobles et immondes de créatures qui sont tout sauf "humaines" et il est plus que temps, il est devenu toujours plus impensable de continuer à cautionner et admettre toutes ces formes d'esclavages d'animaux qu'ils soient sauvages ou autres il faut que cela cesse définitivement ça suffit ! Les animaux ne nous appartiennent pas et doivent pouvoir vivre en liberté et rester libres dans le respect le plus total.

Gs | Tuesday 18 July 2017

Aucun animal ne devrait vivre en captivité!

la chica58 | Tuesday 18 July 2017

Nous avons un Ministre de l'environnement, pour ne pas le citer, Mr. HULOT et nous attendons de lui la même chose.