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Hunting dogs in the Dordogne: the fight continues!

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Despite the gross mistreatment of these dogs, the Prefect of the Dordogne implicitly refuses to order their seizure as a matter of urgency. One Voice is taking the matter to the highest level of government and filing a new complaint relating to the dogs and two donkeys.

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We are still committed to bringing Richard Mandral, an abusive breeder in Périgord, to justice.

He has got away with it for far too long!

Since our initial findings in Spring 2019, and despite the release of sixteen dogs in February this year, the fate of the animals kept by Mr Mandral has not improved. Hunting dogs do not seem to benefit from the same protection in the Dordogne as in the rest of France. Or is it the hunters who are benefiting – from the privilege of mistreating them with impunity? However mistreatment isn't a strong enough word, because Mr Mandral's dogs continue to suffer in appalling conditions. And they're not the only ones! In fact two donkeys are also now suffering neglect at the hands of this man, who is not at all interested in looking after the animals in his care nor concerned about the current court procedure.

The investigation continues.

The new images that our investigators have brought back clearly show that the dogs' situation has not changed but also that, despite the notice served again him to reduce the number of dogs kept, Mr Mandral is continuing to allow them to breed!

As for the donkeys, their hooves have not been trimmed for several months, which causes them a lot of pain and could even kill them. One of them is already unable to walk.

One Voice denounces the Prefect's failure to act.

Therefore One Voice has submitted a fresh complaint, this time to the Public Prosecutor in Périgueux requesting that the dogs and donkeys be seized as a matter of urgency in view of this imminent danger and the Prefect's failure to act.

And in view of this intolerable lack of action, of which dogs exploited for hunting are the primary victims, we have also submitted an application for a judicial review against the Prefect of the Dordogne and alerted the Prime Minister, the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Agriculture and Food to the situation.

What is unfolding before our very eyes is a scandal and we shall fight to the end to ensure that justice is done and that no more dogs suffer at the hands of this huntsman!

Annie Réma
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No more persecuting animals during lockdown! No liming in 2020-2021? If the hunters attack they will once again find us blocking their path.

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Stéphane | Saturday 19 September 2020

Merci One Voice pour vos actions et votre ténacité.
J’espère que le préfet de Dordogne va enfin se décider à intervenir pour sauver ces pauvres animaux.

christiane | Saturday 05 September 2020

Mais comment peut on encore permettre à ce genre d'individu de posséder des animaux qu'il maltraite sans vergogne !

Marie jose Bach | Saturday 22 August 2020

Ce qui se passe chez cet éleveur en Dordogne est inadmissible et le silence des autorités tout autant. Soutien total dans ce combat !
Non à l'impunité, à la maltraitance et aux passe-droits !

paola | Thursday 20 August 2020

Si les ânes qui souffrent le martyr avec des sabots trop longs et handicapants
n'ont plus de chance de survie, peut être est-ce encore temps pour les chiens si les autorités veulent bien se dépêcher au lieu de rester aveugles et sourdes !
Ce bourreau d'animaux mériterait une fermeture définitive de son élevage sans possibilité de reprendre d'animaux et une très lourde amende......
C'est à croire que les responsables politiques jouissent du martyr que les animaux subissent...
Le préfet est certainement chasseur et le bien-être animal n'est pas sa première pré remplit bien mal sa devrait démissionner s'il est incapable de faire respecter la loi ....