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Lamb burned alive ... One Voice pleads in Corsica

Lamb burned alive ... One Voice pleads in Corsica

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One Voice will plead the cause of the lambs in Mr D’s trial. An unacceptable case of acts of cruelty, and a real question on an unusual prison site…

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Born in 1961, Mr D. is not an excitable teenager ... Moreover, it is at the end of 2016 that he’s placed in detention in the prison of Casabianda, located in the municipality of Aléria (Haute-Corse), this place does not have a record for being a beauty spot.

Casabianda is the only open prison in France, half prison and half experimental farm, with access to the beach. A very specific regime is granted here to the detainees, most of whom are tried for sexual violence: the deprivation of liberty is relative and they are mainly considered as agricultural laborers in this domain, property of the Ministry of Justice.

In Casabianda, sheep and pigs are also bred and raised in very low standards because prisoners are not well trained in their care. In fact, breeder is also a big word here: lambs, whose milk is the desired product, are thus intended for a quick, more economical slaughter and practiced right on the spot, hastily... About 200 lambs are killed here every year.

If then, did Mr. D. throw a lamb that he knew was alive into a fiery brazier ("He was sick" according to him) that which today entitles him to be tried under Article 521 of the Penal Code for acts of cruelty to a domestic animal, is it therefore the fault of a particularly perverse individual or that of a system without safeguards?

The court will judge. One Voice, a civil party, cannot let this individual’s act go unpunished. One voice also wrote to the attorney, to shed light on the operation of this penitentiary. Because allowing sexual perverts to take care of animals, that are fragile and very vulnerable, questions could this makes prisons that are areas of lawlessness become even more so.

Note: One Voice has decided to give a name to this lamb processed like waste material from the dairy industry: Luka.

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Tiphaine | Saturday 30 December 2017

J'avais jamais entendu parler de ce "site" Casabianda et de sa "spécificité"... Ahurissant !!! Complètement aberrant... Mais c'est bizarre, où sont les grands médias là, les journaux soit disant d'information ? Silence, bouches cousues !

Corsa | Tuesday 16 May 2017

Déjà ce que je pense de l'établissement en lui même : bref si ça ne tenait qu'à moi cela n'existerait pas ; je me souviens que lorsque cette affaire est sortie le Corse Matin avait fait un article très détaillé et je pensais bêtement qu'il serait aisé d'identifier tous les protagonistes : et bien non, 1 seule personne en tout et pour tout, àa me dégoûte.
Je ne connais qu'une seule méthode pour des gens pareils.

PASCALE | Sunday 14 May 2017


valie | Saturday 13 May 2017