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A farm in Béziers is breeding dogs to torture wild boars

A farm in Béziers is breeding dogs to torture wild boars

Mis à jour le 19 April 2024

We are condemning this unbelievably cruel practice. On social media, a breeding farm set up in Hérault regularly publishes videos showing ‘hunting’ dogs being released on frightened wild boars, and more widely, footage showing the little consideration that hunters have for animals. The light tone, intended to amuse an audience, drastically contrasts with the violence of the killing in action.

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Béziers is once again in the news. After rescuing the animals from Arche de Noël, thanks to our investigation, this time it was dogs intended to be used for hunting. From an early age, they are trained to attack wild boars; in other words, they are initiated into cruel farm hunting, a practice that we have already condemned and which we have demanded a ban on. Taking pleasure in watching dogs that are overexcited beforehand, who have undoubtedly been shut up for days before finally being able to get out of their cages or hutches, observing them terrorising wild boars and attacking dying individuals. All of a sudden, big red stains and gobbling up pieces of barbecued animals. What a wonderful ‘passion’!

Breeding and penned hunting: far from the renowned ‘regulations’, it is used to cause suffering for pleasure here

This organisation also seems to breed wild boars, since videos show an animal trapped in an enclosure, cornered and frightened, accompanied by this comment: “as it's her first outing and given her age it should be promising” (sic).

On the Internet, the horror is paired with dismay as acts are unbearable and the comments are filled with frivolity and mockery. A bloody head thrown to a puppy? “First contact, not even afraid😀 (sic). Several dogs attacking the body of a still warm animal? “It’s a pleasing message” (sic).

For those who were still in doubt, these recordings confirm that hunting is nothing but cruel entertainment, consisting of enjoying animals’ agony.

Accused of all evils, wild boars are hunted, trapped, and killed throughout the year in the name of so-called regulation. And yet hunters themselves breed thousands of them every year in order to release them… so that they can slaughter them. The absurdity of this situation would be almost laughable if the consequences were not so dramatic.

No equality for ‘hunting’ dogs

For years, we have been condemning the living conditions of dogs exploited for hunting. This activity, used as a special favour, justifies all of the abuse that hunters subject them to: shock collars, enclosing them in kennels with extreme temperatures, and chaining them up or abandoning them in barns where they wade through their own excrement. Their living conditions reveal a total lack of respect, all in the name of a bloodthirsty “hobby”.

Sign our petition so that dogs intended to be used for hunting will finally be protected as they should be. Call for a radical reform on hunting with us.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Poaching in Isère: night-time horror. The hearing is on 5 February in Valence Hearing on 7 February 2024 for an urgent suspension on tenrec hunting in Réunion

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Isaline | Monday 18 December 2023

La chasse n’est qu’un divertissement cruel, qui consiste à jouir de l’agonie des animaux.
Et pauvres chiens car eux aussi subissent et ils ne méritent pas cela, ils font ça car il y sont obligés!
Des barbares alcoolisés sans rien dans le citron, juste de la violence et du sang. Des être répugnants comme tout ce qu'ils font!!!

Shogun 74 | Sunday 17 December 2023

En lisant l'horreur sur l'élevage de chiens de chasse, pour mise à mort de pauvres sangliers en enclos, déchiquetés agonisants, je gronde de rage, que fait Mr le maire de Béziers ? Il faut dire que celui-ci défend la Corrida avec le maire de Nîmes, alors que pouvons nous attendre de ce Monsieur, immonde, révoltant !

Shogun 74 | Tuesday 12 December 2023

Elevage de chiens pour mettre à mort de pauvres sangliers d'une façon immonde, voilà l'image abominable des chasseurs, ces hommes n'ont pas de limite dans l'infâme ! Mr Coste lobby des armes et Mr Schraen président de la fédération de chasse veulent gérer la ruralité, alors c'est la mort annoncée pour la faune !

trochu | Tuesday 12 December 2023

La barbarie, la perversité et la torture et l'insensibilité n'ont plus de limite pour ceux qui nous gouvernent et c'est inquiétant, pauvres sangliers qui soi-disant eux aussi sont "nuisibles" alors que ne sont nuisibles que tous ceux qui pourchassent au quotidien les animaux, tous ceux qui les massacrent et qui apparemment doivent éprouver du plaisir à le faire, encore à dénoncer car c'est inacceptable. Honte à Macron et son gouvernement qui ne font qu'agir contre les animaux et à n'importe quel prix.