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The Wolf Plan: a planned failure

The Wolf Plan: a planned failure

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Following the announcement of the decrease in the number of wolves in France, the presentation of the new National Action Plan 2024-2029 on wolves and farming activities (commonly known as the ‘Wolf Plan’) that was initially scheduled for 3 July has been postponed... Is the State realising that not only do wolves not ‘proliferate’, contrary to what farmers, hunters, and some elected representatives try to make us believe (incidentally in total contradiction with wolves’ biology, who only reproduce once a year and whose cubs’ survival rate is around 60%), but that this strategy for slaughtering animals classified as vulnerable is contrary to the protected species status that they have been given?

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While the completion date for the 2018-2023 plan is near, the first observations that can be taken from it are alarming on all levels: a decrease in the number of wolves but an increase in attacks on farms. This proves that fatal shots are not effective - and even counter productive, as we have highlighted several times over - and that the emphasis must be put onto protection measures, particularly for bovine herds who benefit from an inexplicable exemption. The problem of straying dogs must incidentally be looked at seriously.

The State has more and more wolves slaughtered then is surprised that their population decreases

Although there has still not yet been any official communication from the State relaying information, farmers’ unions had already been aware for several days and were rebelling: the number of wolves making it out of the 2022-2023 winter had decreased. 906 were counted, which is 15 less than the year before at the same time.

While this should delight those who dislike them, here they are - what a surprise - contesting the count, which according to them is below the reality. The figures are only exact when this works in favour of their misleading and harmful communication.

If it did not involve the death of several dozen wolves each year, the situation would almost be laughable. The State, who each year increase the quota to be slaughtered (going from 51 in 2018 to 174 for 2023!), finds themselves very embarrassed now that they have realised that killing more and more individuals puts the survival of the entire species in danger, even though it still has not reached the minimum threshold of wolves needed for it to be viable. However, in 2020, we warned the government that their population’s growth had slowed in France.

Presentation of the Wolf Plan delayed

The lack of a reaction from the administration and policies on the subject certainly indicate some embarrassment from the government, who have given in to pressure from the agricultural lobby leading this dance.

Caught up in this news that was unveiled a few days before the presentation of the main priorities of the 2024-2029 plan, those deciding have finally agreed to postpone the communication until 4 September. But still no official statement: the information was found in various agricultural media, whose lobby has access to the government...

It is easy to deduce from this report that the announcements to be made on 3 July will certainly compromise wolves’ survival even more, by relaxing conditions for shooting or authorising the slaughter of an even larger number of them. We therefore imagine that the outline will be reviewed urgently to try to justify as far as possible the fatal shots on a protected species that is in decline, and which, furthermore, has been wiped out in France once already.

Until then, and as long as these lethal shots are happening, we will continue to ensure that minimum conditions for authorising exemptions are met. We systematically condemn this abuse and slaughtering. We will never stop. Sign our petition to call for the end of wolves’ persecution.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Nena | Friday 14 July 2023

Mangeons moins de viande, il y aura moins de tueurs d'animaux... Que la conscience de la vie parvienne à l'esprit de chacun. Les loups comme les autres animaux ont le même droit à la vie que nous. Prenons nos responsabilités, faisons les bons choix si on ne veut pas pleurer un jour pour avoir détruit les merveilles qui nous entourent.

Marianne | Monday 10 July 2023

Je suis révoltée par tant de bassesse. Les loups sont une espèce protégée et au lieu de les protéger on les tue. Tout simplement comme toujours pour soutenir certains lobbies qui font pression sur les gouvernements. Où est la conscience ? Elle a bel et bien disparu. Je suis dégoûtée par ces comportements. Quand est-ce que l'être humain se comportera-t-il correctement ?

Florence Gramond | Saturday 08 July 2023

Protégeons les loups qui sont essentiels.

Muriel2018 | Saturday 08 July 2023

Quand les chasseurs accepteront-ils que les loups ne se reproduisent pas à toute vitesse et que les élus qui, eux-mêmes, sont peut-être des chasseurs, écouteront un peu les voix des écologistes ?