Micha, Glasha and Bony: the vets are shocked!

Micha, Glasha and Bony: the vets are shocked!


Nous avons transmis les vidéos de Micha, Glasha et Bony à des vétérinaires spécialistes des ours. Leur constat est sans appel : ils sont tous trois en grave danger.

We sought advice from veterinary bear specialists on the health status of Micha, Glasha and Bony. By watching the videos that we aired last week, they all sounded the alarm. Their dramatic reports confirm that the three bears require immediate care, far from the claws of Poliakov’s. Do not wait until it’s too late!

«These bears have been kept under conditions of almost continual stress and are deprived of positive mental stimulation.
»Dr. John A. Knight

the pictures that we unveiled last week, Micha was placed in emergency care this weekend in the zoo-sanctuary of La Tanière (28) and we
are delighted. Here he is finally out of the hands of Poliakov’s
and being cared for! But this poor bear is in a disastrous state and
so is his former co-detainees, Glasha and Bony, they still remain
under the control of trainers … A major irregularity given their
appalling detention conditions and risks to their health.

«This type of abnormal behaviour is considered to be synonymous with chronic mental distress and in the case of the black bear (Ed. Micha), it is very obvious that the animal sucks on the wires of the cage creating desperate whimpers ending with a “cough”. These sounds are similar to sounds naturally heard by this species, but totally out of context, a mix of communication and warning sounds.
»Dr. John A. Knight

Bony and Glasha in danger

showed the videos of their hell to the veterinary bear specialists
and all agree that they are in critical danger! They denounce the
lack of drinking water in their cells, an inappropriate and mediocre
diet, when it is not mouldy … And of course, they are shocked by
the lack of structures adapted to the basic needs of the bears, as
well as the clinical signs and symptoms of serious illness.

Ilayaraja of the Wildlife SOS Association and veterinarian of the
Bear Sanctuary notably observed the presence of black dots on one of
Bony’s canines. According to him, they “indicate that a broken
tooth has exposed the fragile pulp cavity and caused an infection.
This can be fatal to a bear if it is not treated urgently by a
veterinary dentist”.
In addition, the expert is concerned with the
vision of the animal. He notes eye damage that is “obviously the
result of long-term neglect and lack of medical care

for Glasha, his fate is comparable. Worse: the alarming presence of
black spots on the canine, localized peeling of the fur, “a
purulent eye discharge, suggesting that it is malnourished and
infested with worms
,” and “an abnormal growth under
the left eye, likely to be cancerous
“. The doctor insists on the
importance of examining it as soon as possible to see if it is
malignant and to administer appropriate treatment to prevent
complications in vision.

«Night quarters consist of bare concrete floors. There is little or no litter, except for a bit of hay provided for the black bears. This is totally inadequate for these very intelligent animals. In the wild, black bears spend a lot of time in the trees, seeking shelter and most often find themselves in heavily forested areas. They avoid humans and brown bears whenever possible. They also like digging and searching dead branches, pebbles and sheltering insects, and so on. There is no suggestion that any real attempt has been made to provide for the psychological needs of these animals, whether in daytime or at night. Nowadays, this shows a shocking disregard for the welfare of these animals.
»Dr. John A. Knight

Sanitary emergency

minute counts to save Bony and Glasha! Especially since the absolute
lack of hygiene in their prison and their moral distress only
diminish their hopes of survival. Dr. Amélie Nicolau from Refuge de l’Arche is worried about them nibbling or licking the bars of the cage
doors, constantly turning on themselves and nodding their heads. She
points out that these stereotypical behaviours are observed in bears
in captivity, “especially in stressed individuals, placed in an
unsuitable or insufficiently stimulated environment

all the bear specialists we interviewed say that only their placement
in a shelter with appropriate care will give them the chance to
escape this fatal destiny. We are coming together so that Bony and
Glasha are both permanently safe from their persecutors, like Micha!

We sent the expert reports to
the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition and the Prefect
to support our complaints against the Poliakov’s. And we count more
than ever on you to support our campaign and to please sign our

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