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Young dog beaten and stabbed, Cell Zoe appeals for justice in the case of Mylanne

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No social or emotional precariousness can justify the violence suffered by animals and their murder! No addiction can serve as an excuse to mitigate the gravity of this gesture! Mylanne lived only a nightmare with the man who had obtained her. The young German Shepherd would have been the scapegoat of this dangerous human.

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The defendant was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and a lifetime ban on keeping an animal.

Mylanne lived in terror

Two years ago, Mylanne met an alcoholic and violent man. He took her home, with the intention of training her the hard way, "so that she could eat the other animals in the household because they were pissing him off". 

Since then, the young dog was beaten so hard, and so regularly, that neighbours heard it through the walls. They crossed the drunken and aggressive man daily, who had already attacked them. He even scared his neighbours because he was so insulting and threatening, what could she do, so helpless in the face of his anger?

Like any dog, she sought so much to be loved, seeking the tenderness in her eyes, but found only bitterness, resentment, instability and unleashed anger ...

Mylanne was scared of it.

On March 10thhe returned home smelling of alcohol. She barked to keep him at bay, fearing again his excessive violence. But what was waiting for her was worse than anything before. Terrorized, she was stabbed in the back by this antisocial, heartless, irascible individual. The blow was so strong that the knife was bent ... she moaned. He finished her off, dragged her down the stairs of his building, and threw her body into the collective garbage bin.

Fortunately, a witness called the gendarmerie. The traces of blood left between the local garbage and the home of the torturer, the weapon of the crime found at the home and the body of Mylanne, left him confounded.

Zoe Cell fights cruelty once again

We will be in Pontoise, in the courtroom, on the 2ndof July, so that this man, with already previous charges, clearly a public danger, will receive an exemplary sentence. Cell Zoe will take care of it in its plea. We filed a complaint for cruelty against this man "alcoholic, impulsive and unstable" according to the doctor who admitted his analysis of this criminal.   

Once again, we urge governments to recognize the Link between violence against humans and animals, and to amend the law accordingly. 

Please sign and share our petition to condemn all violence, regardless of the victim.

Julia Mothé
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Bastet | Friday 06 July 2018

J'espère du fond du coeur que tu vis désormais en paix et en plein bonheur chère petite Mylanne.

Audrey | Friday 06 July 2018

Il faut être un monstre pour maltraiter un animal sans défense qui demande seulement à être aimé par son humain ! Aucune circonstance atténuante pour ce bourreau ! Il faut que ces simulacres de justice cessent et que des peines exemplaires soient appliquées !

cassius | Thursday 05 July 2018

Les voisins auraient dûent avertir de suite la police ! Ils ont certainement entendu hurler cette pauvre chienne. De plus Mylanne n'a pas eu justice, 6 mois de prison c'est peu alors que la loi préconise 2 ans de prison ferme, là aussi c'est peu !
Que la justice fasse correctement son travail, les violences, les horreurs, les tortures et les meurtres vont en augmentant sur ces pauvres animaux et ça suffit !!

PUPUCE | Thursday 05 July 2018

Il faut que ces monstres soient punis.
Nul n'a le droit d'ôter la vie à un animal.
LA LOI DOIT être appliquée et non pas avec autant de clémence qu'à l'heure actuelle : peine ferme d'emprisonnement et pas de sursis. CES ANIMAUX EUX N'ONT PAS EU DE SURSIS !!! Lorsque les coups pleuvaient, lorsque la faim et la soif se faisaient sentir et enfin quand ils sont morts dans d'atroces souffrances !!!!