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Wild boar slaughtered in Cannes: wildlife and animals being managed with revolver shots

Wild boar slaughtered in Cannes: wildlife and animals being managed with revolver shots

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On 14 March 2023, a video of a wild boar ‘euthanised’ in the town of Cannes was published on social networks. This wild boar was not euthanised but shot at point-blank range under the astounded gaze of passers-by. Taking refuge on a deserted beach, the frightened animal was not posing any imminent danger.

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Wild boars, who almost disappeared in France in the 1960s, have been massively reintroduced, just like thousands of animals bred with the sole aim of serving as cannon fodder for hunters. Nowadays, they are accused of all evil and slaughtered even when alternative solutions exist. This wild boar could have been captured and released in the wild. One Voice stood ready to help the town to implement such an alternative.

This decision is revealing of the incompetence of the methods used by authorities. Rather than leaving ecosystems to self-regulate, killing animals is always favoured. Therefore, even though they are natural predators of wild boar, hundreds of wolves are killed every year in France.

A few days after Jumbo the hippopotamus, a prisoner of the Muller Circus, passed through Cannes, One Voice expected more from the authorities. At a time when numerous countries are developing initiatives to learn how to cohabit with wild animals again, France once again demonstrates its trouble in getting away from a mentality based on the systematic killing of animals.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Olivo | Wednesday 05 April 2023

Honte au Maire de Cannes et à ces personnes qui ont tué cette pauvre bête apeurée.
Et en Mai, ils vont accueillir le festival du cinéma. Il faudrait que les personnalités du cinéma le boycottent.

Marylinsb | Saturday 18 March 2023

C'est tellement horrible et abominable de voir un sanglier se faire tirer à bout portant sur la plage ! A croire que l'homme ne sait que tuer ! En plus, le gouvernement français n'écoute pas la majorité des citoyens qui ne veulent pas de la chasse ! Insupportable

Shogun74 | Friday 17 March 2023

Pour abattre les animaux ça se fait avec une rapidité, c'est surprenant. Mais sauver une pauvre bête, ça semble bien compliqué, il faut juste le vouloir. Cannes aurait pu se mobiliser, au lieu d" offrir la mort, quelle tristesse, déception, et colère

Christine Léger | Friday 17 March 2023

Les animaux ont le droit de vivre en paix !