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Three abandoned dogs on a balcony finish by devouring each other, we press charges

Three abandoned dogs on a balcony finish by devouring each other, we press charges

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Three dogs on the balcony, three cats in the apartment. A sick cat, all the dogs were starving. Their abusive humans, in the background illegal farming, let the worst happen: one of the dogs was attacked by the other two. He lost his life. Through the reporting of a neighbour and an association, the remaining animals were saved. One Voice sent its Zoe Cell to rescue the dogs and cats then lodged a complaint for acts of cruelty.

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The gendarmes, warned by a neighbour, arrived in the middle of a dog fight and backed off, abandoning the animals. For a whole week after the incident, the animals remained at the mercy of the four human owners who had put them in this situation!

The association that had alerted us moved heaven and earth: insisting with the services of the DDPP, the City Hall and gendarmes, video footage and witnesses. All this in support, so that these animals could be removed as soon as possible before we warned the owners. The Amstaff Passion Association had enabled the intervention and removal of the animals.

This Thursday February 8thin the morning, the five animals, all covered with fleas (a dog Cani Corso and a puppy crossed staff and Shar Pei, as well as three cats including a sick kitten), were saved. These poor animals have suffered a hellish ordeal: lack of care, undernourished, kept out in winter ...we couldn’t paint a darker image. The videos that testify to this arouse in us anger and sadness, anger against these humans, sadness for the unbearable suffering endured by these animals.

It is more than likely that the dogs were used by the woman and the three men living in the apartment to secretly run a breeding and animal trafficking business. Maybe even these animals were stolen. The investigation will reveal this.

We will be in any case with them to obtain justice for the dog who lost his life, and for the other animals, pushed to the limits by these humans without mercy.

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Marinette | Saturday 17 March 2018

Que de souffrances sur ces pauvres animaux ! Ces gens méritent la prison et j'espère qu'ils en feront avec une forte amende et plus d'animaux entre leurs sales mains. C'est triste d'autant que tous ces gens qui maltraitent les animaux ne sont jamais punis à la hauteur de leurs actes de cruauté et c'est bien triste que le gouvernement n'ouvre pas les yeux sur la maltraitance animale.

baratte | Saturday 24 February 2018

franchement, vraiment écoeurant !!!!!

aure | Wednesday 21 February 2018

dans quelle monde on vit !!!!

Alain | Wednesday 21 February 2018

Si je pose la question de savoir si la vie des humains qui ont fait ça vaut plus cher que celle des Toutous et Matous fais-je de l'incitation à la haine?