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The martyrdom of Nikita, a young pinscher dragged along the tarmac

The martyrdom of Nikita, a young pinscher dragged along the tarmac

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How could they forget Nikita, tied to the back of a car? The young pinscher who died in agony. Neglect and alcohol cannot be a valid excuse to escape one's responsibilities. The Zoe Cell will be present in court on June 29th 2018.

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Dragged over 25 kilometres behind a car by a drunk person

25,000 meters of unsustainable suffering, skin flayed, flesh torn off, shredded bones, incommensurable pain. This is what Nikita, a young black and fiery pinscher, lived through, barely two years old, with a deep and sharp look. This is the especially atrocious way that the woman she believed was her protector, her friend, a drunk at the wheel, killed her.

A birthday, alcohol, discussions and music in the car of the woman, her companion and their friends, that's the atmosphere that prevailed in the car, while Nikita lived her last moments after a while. Left behind the vehicle, dragged at high speed along the road...

Hiding the wrongdoing, an attempt to escape justice

A motorist told them that a body was under the car. To hide their wrong doing, Nikita was then thrown into the Tarn.

They then went off all three of them, as expected, to celebrate the birthday of Madame at the restaurant. Nikita's poor body was found in the water. It is her identification chip that allowed the veterinarian, shocked by her condition, to find the person responsible.

The Zoe Cell will not let up

Being under the influence of alcohol cannot justify, let alone apologize, forgetting that her companion was attached to the back of her vehicle! And believing or being described as loving above all to this martyred animal, cannot in any way diminish the sentence expected. We filed a complaint. The Zoe Cell is taking over this case.

At the Montauban High Court on June 29th, 2018, we will seek the requalification of the facts in acts of cruelty to a domestic animal. The facts are so serious that they cannot be exonerated!

Please sign our petition so that our companions are better protected by law.

Julia Mothé
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Sylvie | Sunday 08 July 2018

Pas de pitié pour ces 3 monstres. Que justice soit faite. Comment peut-on oublier son chien attaché à l'arrière de son véhicule ? Aucune excuse ne doit être retenue, la sentence doit tomber et ces monstres doivent payer de leur cruauté vis-à-vis de cette pauvre petite Nikita.

Cécile | Sunday 01 July 2018

Quelle terrible histoire, aucune excuse pour ces meurtriers!

Véronique | Saturday 30 June 2018

Punition pour ces personnes infâmes..
Justice pour ce chien.

Marinette | Saturday 30 June 2018

Aucune pitié pour ces gens tortionnaires. Que justice soit faite.