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The fox, this unique being in the world: a new report to know him better and to better protect him

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In support of its Fox Protection campaign, One Voice releases a new study report. To put an end to the killings of these small canines, this tool allows us to know them better, to dismantle the received ideas and to denounce their massacre.

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Who are these foxes, and especially what do they suffer and why? To put an end to the false beliefs, the leathery prejudices or the false rumours knowingly maintained by hunters. One Voice publishes, within the framework of its new campaign, a report of unpublished studies. This tool provides a detailed assessment of the current situation of small canines in our country, including ecological services they render to us and the ordeal that they endure.

Foxes accused of all illnesses

They are also criticized for killing cats, stealing chickens or game, or carrying diseases. This makes them eligible for the list of "species likely to cause damage" and to be tracked all year round. The so-called methods of "destruction" compete in a perverse way: to the shots from these licensed exterminators and in addition to this the cruel traps and the vile unearthing from their sets and dens. All means are good to permit the suffering of those who are still considered as "harmful". During the hunting season, foxes also become "game" and the persecution intensifies from all sides. While some hunters draw their rifles, others to sound the hunt, and the practice of the unearthing takes the "noble" name of "hunting underground" to attack foxes always with the same sadism. Finally, no less than 500,000 individuals are murdered each year on national soil. At the very least, because not all deaths are recorded.

Stop this frenzy on foxes

It is urgent to put an end to this real relentlessness and to rehabilitate an animal of its bad reputation from this simple ignorance or worse just pure gossip. Because foxes are essential to the equilibrium of ecosystem, because they are not harmful and because they feel and have emotions. One Voice asks them to be removed from the list of "species likely to cause damage". Ban their hunting!

Please sign and share our petition for foxes!

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koltlide | Sunday 10 December 2017

Juste parce qu'il fait partie du système, juste parce qu'il n'est pas le vecteur de rage que l'on soupçonne, juste parce qu'il est beau.

gallecier michèle | Saturday 09 December 2017

J'adore les renards, j'en ai un qui vient, il est malade, je ne sais pas quoi faire, quelqu'un peut m'aider?????

Ramipatre | Friday 08 December 2017

J’en connais aussi pas mal de ces viandars ( les défenseurs de la nature ) paraît-il.

Hermine | Friday 08 December 2017

Ils sont omnivores comme les humains.