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The cat as a watchdog for the human populations

The cat as a watchdog for the human populations

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In order to anticipate the problems caused to humans by bisphenol A, which is an endocrine disruptor, a dozen cats had to suffer multiple intravenous injections in 2016, which can cause among other serious consequences, major pathologies of the thyroid.

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Once again, the scientific protocol shows flaws, which are at the limit of scientific fraud, according to Dr. Ménache: cats do not have the same metabolism as humans, and yet this is what is put forward to justify their use as a point of comparison with humans. Another delusion, while humans are exposed to this endocrine disruptor in their environment and their food, scientists have injected bisphenol A intravenously into cats. They thereby have to endure numerous stressful injections and then repeated blood tests. 

Nothing in these experiments mentions any consideration about the suffering of these cats, even their mode of accommodation was kept silent during the months of the tests. It's a safe bet that nothing was done to help them; otherwise it would probably have been put forward.

Julia Mothé
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joelle | Tuesday 08 May 2018

terminons-en avec tous ces actes barbares et inutiles!

Blandine | Sunday 29 April 2018

On dirait que certains humains font passer leurs actions sur le dos d'une pseudo science, dans le style : non c'est pas moi c'est la science ! Mais nous on ne leur a rien demandé...

Lothar 48 | Thursday 19 April 2018

ces expériences cruelles n'ont plus lieu d'avoir cours et ne devraient même pas exister...

Bastet | Thursday 19 April 2018

Toujours pareil : arrêtons le massacre et la souffrance inutile des animaux.