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The capture of orcas and belugas in Russia is considered illegal!

The capture of orcas and belugas in Russia is considered illegal!

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The ongoing orca and beluga whales for dolphinariums has just been stopped by the Russian justice system, which considers their capture illegal!

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A detention centre in a bay in the Okhotsk Sea has been spotted this summer in Russia. The orca and beluga whales were trapped in tiny floating pens, waiting to be transferred to China, where dozens of giant dolphinariums are waiting for them.

Sold for a high price, these incredibly intelligent and highly social beings are forced into lifelong captivity and forced to reproduce in tiny pools. With shows vaguely resembling recreation from a life of boredom. 

Visibly, images that moved the world have alerted the public. We wrote to the Russian Embassy and urged everyone to do the same to demand that these young cetaceans be released. Russian justice was then seized by the animal advocates on the spot.

Shortly after, Russia decided to ban all new sea captures of these marine mammals by 2019. An important step had been reached, because with Norway and Japan, this country was very difficult to convince to stop this shameful trade.

Thanks to Russian justice, the belugas and orcas that were captured in November and whose fate remained suspended, cannot be sold as planned. South Sakhalinsk City Court has recognized the fishing of 90 belugas and 11 illegal orcas! It’s a first and a strong signal for the rest of the world. When will it be the end of dolphinariums everywhere on this planet and to stop this evil trade at its roots?

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Moana has just died in the chlorinated Marineland prison, the only place he has seen in his twelve years of life. One Voice is going to court again Orcas at Marineland: One Voice has succeeded in having an independent expert assessment arranged!

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Nelly | Sunday 13 January 2019


anne | Saturday 22 December 2018

On a tout essayé avec les animaux... sauf les laisser en paix!
SI l'on essayait?

pouguy | Friday 21 December 2018

il n'y a pas uniquement pour les delphinariums je suis sure qu'il y a autre chose qu'on veut bien nous cacher je pense aux chinois. car le nord de la russie est un de leurs sanctuaire, donc les laisser. on ne peut pas tout faire pour le caprice de certains humains, laissons les territoires à leurs propriétaires

River Song | Friday 21 December 2018

Que deviennent les bélugas et orques juvéniles saisis ? Est-ce que le gouvernement russe a donné des informations ? Merci de nous tenir au courant !