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South African lions slaughtered for so called miracle cures

South African lions slaughtered for so called miracle cures

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In South Africa, lions have been stalked by poachers and trophy hunters in a perfectly legal way for years, as high as 500 individuals per year. This number does not appear to be sufficient since the South African government has just decided to double its annual lion bone exports to China! What an abominable sadness. Protest your anger to their president!

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This increase in export quotas has an obvious economic role, so that money from illegal trafficking enters the coffers of the state and benefits the whole country ... and not just the smugglers and poachers. Lions are also bred in captivity specifically for this purpose!

The placebo effect is only a dream in the far east but devastates the lion populations of the rainbow nation.

There is nothing that has been allowed so animals can be slaughtered for so called miracle cures! "Love Potions", "Tiger Wine", the skin and head of lions serve as carpets or stuffed for trophy hunters or the carcass is sent to China to be crushed and serve the financial windfall of farcical quackery to be elevated to the rank of medicine ...

This is all the more serious as lions are endangered.

When we see the magnificence of the lion and their solar beauty ... some, like us, are filled with a sense of fullness and satisfaction when contemplating this calm and majestic power, for others, jealousy and envy, who want to appropriate this. These are very sick societies, like those of humans, who want to appropriate the wealth of others, and that of animals, for their deepest gain: their very lives, through their fur, their skin, their flesh and their bones....

Let's lobby the President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa on social networks (@CyrilRamaphosa on Twitter and @MyANCza on Facebook), to cancel this unbearable decision!

Julia Mothé
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Désolée, je ne suis ni sur Facebook ni sur Twitter !
Et pourtant, je voudrais faire savoir mon grand mécontentement !!!!

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Ils faut voter contre toutes ces lois à cause de tout ça nos futurs enfants n'aurons plus rien

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Tout détruire voilà le but de l'individu : IGNOBLE et INTOLERABLE
rien ne justifie de tuer un animal