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PUMA is joining the Fur Free Retailer programme

PUMA is joining the Fur Free Retailer programme

Mis à jour le 14 June 2023

The global animal protection association FOUR PAWS and Fur Free Alliance, for which One Voice is the French representative, welcome the sports clothing brand PUMA as a new leading partner. Although PUMA does not currently have any fur-based products in its range, the company is reaffirming its rejection of it by joining the International Fur Free Retailer programme. PUMA, one of the biggest international sports brands, will contribute to raising public awareness of animal welfare and will have a positive impact on the fashion industry.

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« PUMA has decided resolutely in favour of animal welfare and is paving the way for other brands so that they will follow in their footsteps and adopt alternatives that respect animals. We are eager to continue working with PUMA and other brands to create a better future for animals in the fashion industry. »
Anne Wessendorf, lead of the clothing campaign at FOUR PAWS

Global trend to improve animal welfare

The majority of the public have been rejecting fur for years. A clear reversal of the trend in favour of fashion respecting animals and the environment has also been seen at major fashion houses around the world. Consumers are in favour of ethical and sustainable fashion for which no animals have to suffer.

« PUMA has been working in the sustainability field for more than twenty years. In addition to focusing on human rights, climate action, and cyclical trade, our objectives when it comes to biodiversity already reference protecting threatened species as well as their habitats. With the introduction of the PUMA animal welfare policy in 2021, we have taken a significant step to ensure that animals are treated with humanity throughout our whole supply chain. We are also constantly innovating to develop new materials that will help us to avoid using animal skins. This is why we have joined the Fur Free Retailer programme and have phased out kangaroo leather this year. »
Stefan Seidel, Head of Corporate Sustainability at PUMA
« We are delighted that PUMA is positioning themselves clearly against animal suffering and adopting a fur-free policy. Keeping wild animals in minuscule cages for a fashion item is barbaric, outdated, and unnecessary. PUMA’s decision shows that today’s fashion brands appreciate transparency and innovation, and that they no longer want to contribute to the cruel fur trade. »
Brigit Oele, Programme Manager for Fur Free Alliance

The Fur Free Retailer programme

The Fur Free Retailer programme is the main global initiative aiming to pair businesses that have given up fur with consumers looking for ethical products. The programme is an initiative by Fur Free Alliance (FFA), active in more than thirty-five countries throughout the world. The Alliance is an international coalition of more than fifty animal protection associations working together to put an end to breeding and killing animals for their fur. More than 1500 brands and retailers have now taken part in the initiative.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Olivo | Wednesday 10 May 2023

Très bonnes résolutions des grandes marques de l'habillement de montrer l'exemple. Toujours et encore pour nos compagnons les animaux.

Anick | Tuesday 09 May 2023

Il serait temps de laisser ces animaux tranquilles !

marie-claude | Monday 08 May 2023

Merci Puma, que cela continue dans le bon sens.

Josiane | Saturday 06 May 2023

Les éleveurs, les marques, hommes et femmes qui achètent, sont tous coupables.
Une éducation en milieu scolaire pourrait réduire cette maltraitance pour l'avenir.