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One Voice is referring to the courts to put the spotlight on the goose neck game in Saint-Bonnet-près-Riom

One Voice is referring to the courts to put the spotlight on the goose neck game in Saint-Bonnet-près-Riom

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On 19 September 2023, after having published our investigation footage on the goose neck game organised the previous weekend in a town in Puy-de-Dôme, we have called for a ban on this sadistic practice that involves tearing animals’ heads off in the name of tradition. Today, we are going further by asking the courts to expose the slaughter conditions of these geese, chickens, and rabbits, whose lifeless bodies have been exhibited and assaulted to the applause of the crowd.

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Faced with the atrocities that we revealed in September, indignant reactions erupted from all sides. Two regional councillors specifically came down against the mutilations inflicted on the animals that were victims of the cruel game organised by the town of Saint-Bonnet-près-Riom and asked the Puy-de-Dôme Prefect to ban this practice.

Those responsible persist...

But the organisers and participants persist and approve. For them, there is nothing problematic about mutilating animals’ corpses since they are already dead and would be eaten after having been tormented. The town mayor defends this “heritage to be safeguarded by any means” with his heart and soul. Read: violence only comes from those who speak out against it. And while they kill and entertain themselves with the corpses of their victims, there is nothing but “joy”, “love”, and “friendship”! A bloodthirsty pleasure so intense that the mayor and their citizens would be incapable of finding another way to entertain themselves to maintain the “warm atmosphere” of their village.

... we are counter-attacking

We are taking these decapitation enthusiasts at their word and referring to the Clermont-Ferrand legal tribunal to find out how these geese, chickens, and rabbits were killed. Were they slaughtered in an establishment dedicated to this activity and following hygiene rules specific to food? With each participating family having to, according to our sources, personally provide one or two animals to the organisers, this seems very unlikely... We are asking the legal system to make a decision. For our part, we maintain that there should not be any need to “celebrate” decapitating animals, whether they are dead or alive.

Continue to rally alongside us for the victims of this practice from another era by signing our petition to ban these morbid events throughout France.

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

Marion Henriet
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marie-claude | Saturday 18 November 2023

Le Puy de Dôme revient à l'age primaire c'est une honte de voir ce jeu sadique ou les vieux et les jeunes s'amusent ils n'ont aucun sens de l'humanité c'est à vomir

Country | Saturday 18 November 2023

Quelle horreur ! Une "fête" barbare digne du moyen-âge... Comment peut-on s'amuser ainsi ?

olivo | Friday 17 November 2023

Le Puy de Dome, la France profonde qui ne sait plus se divertir qu'en tuant de pauvres animaux de ferme. Tout cela avec l'aval des maires et politiciens sadiques. Ils devraient passer au tribunal. C'EST A VOMIR.

MTL | Friday 17 November 2023

Arrêtons ces JEUX d'un autre âge.
Il y a quand même des distractions plus intelligentes et moins cruelles que le "cou de l'oie" et le "taureau piscine".