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One Voice is rallying throughout France around World Day for Animals in Laboratories!

One Voice is rallying throughout France around World Day for Animals in Laboratories!

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For the occasion of World Day for Animals in Laboratories on 24 April 2023, One Voice is organising an event of national importance in more than twenty towns in France to warn about animal testing in our country and its ramifications within the European Union and on a global level. At the same time, action is also being led on social networks. The association is accompanying the rallies by local activist branches with the publication of a report on primates that are victims of testing, and an unpublished Ipsos survey showing that the large majority of French people are ready to leave this kind of thing behind.

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Each year, 24 April is an opportunity to raise public awareness on the fate of animals in laboratories throughout the world.

This year, we have decided to focus our attention and that of the French public on primates, captured in the wild, bred, and then transported in aeroplane holds in often disgraceful conditions to France, where they are used in experiments, then re-sent to another corner of the European Union. This time, we are therefore publishing a well-sourced report on the subject, and we are putting forward a petition calling for an end to this situation for macaques.

At a time when the association and its European partners have just handed over more than a million signatures at the European Commission asking for the European Directive banning cosmetics tests on animals to be reinforced, we are publishing an Ipsos survey. This shows to what extent the vast majority of our fellow citizens are calling for an end to animal testing and voting for the development and use of non-animal methods, as well as greater transparency.

Action will be taking place in Amiens (80), Angers (49), Annemasse (74), Bayonne (64), Bordeaux (33), Caylus (82), Chorges (05), Falaise (61), Gannat (03) where a demonstration will take place, La Rochelle (17), Langres (52) (where two actions will take place), Lille (59), Lyon (69), Montpellier (34), Nantes (44), Nice (06), Paris (75), Strasbourg (67) (an event for which we are not the organiser but which we are joining), and Troyes (10). Some branches will offer dramatizations with laboratory technicians and animals. Our partners in Toronto are themselves organising action in Canada in around fifteen towns.

Please check the national event or each local event
before going there to ensure that no changes have been made.


Gannat (21 and 22/04)

15 avenue des Portes Occitanes

from 21/04, 10am

to 22/04, 4:30pm


Chorges (23/04)

Rue Grande

10am to 3pm


Briançon (23/04)

Cité Vauban

9am to


Nice (22/04)

Place Masséna

2pm to 4pm


Troyes (29/04)

71, rue Emile Zola

3pm to 5:30pm


La Rochelle (22/04)

Place de l'Hôtel de ville

2pm to 5pm


Bordeaux (23/04)

Place de la Comédie

2pm to 5pm


Montpellier (29/04)

Place de la Comédie

10:30am to 1pm


Nantes (22/04)

Place Royale

3pm to 5pm


Angers (29/04)

Rue Lenepveu

2:30pm to 5:30pm


Langres (28/04)

Langres Market

9am to 5pm


Langres (24/04)

Langres Market

8am to 7pm


Lille (29/04)

Place Richebé

2pm to 4pm


Falaise (22/04)

Address to be confirmed

9am to 11am


Bayonne (22/04)

Carreau des Halles

3pm to 5pm


Strasbourg (22/04)

Organisation: 269 Life, Infoseite Black Forest for Animals e.V, Pro Anima

1:30pm to 4:30pm


Lyon (29/04)

Place Saint Jean

1:30pm to 4pm


Annemasse (02/09)



Paris (22/04)

Place de l'Hôtel de ville

2:30pm to 4pm


Amiens (22/04)

Place René Goblet

2pm to 4pm


Caylus (29/04)

10 Avenue du Père Evariste Huc

10am to 12pm

Translated from the French by Joely Justice

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Céline paola | Thursday 20 April 2023

Ras le bol ,toutes ces expériences faites sur ces animaux et qui souffrent. Stop à cette barbarie