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Nosey, the elephant finally free from the circus

Nosey, the elephant finally free from the circus

Mis à jour le 23 March 2018

The final judgment fell Wednesday January 23rd 2018, after decades of exploitation by a circus, Nosey, the 35 year old Africa elephant for which several animal welfare associations have been fighting for since 2004 is finally safe.

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In early November, an Alabama judge decided to entrust Nosey to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, the largest sanctuary in the United States for elephants. It is now official, Nosey will be able to stay there, finally free to move as it sees fit, to rest, at its own pace, according to its choices, in the company of other elephants, and in a vast natural space.

Nosey’s former owners are accused of cruelty and negligence. They have just appealed against the judgment against them.

The fight for Nosey has been long, 14 years! However, there has been no lack of evidence: malnutrition, dehydration, stereotypy, skin infections, osteoarthritis ... Nosey was also shackled and forced to stand in her own body waste, a potential source of serious infection.

The appalling living conditions suffered by Nosey are reminiscent of what we know about Maya. "The chain that’s shackled to her feet causing leg pains, unable to walk, and forced to stay in one place in her own droppings, the front legs positioned under her body and the need to lean against things to relieve the pressure on the feet, this type of constant swaying "headshaking ... her emaciated head and body, poor access to water, a truck without light..."

Petitions, gatherings, complaints, reports, photos, videos, the search for personalities to plead her cause to the elected officials, a campaign of tweets for her ... everything that has been done for Nosey is being done for Maya, the same as we also do for Jumbo, Lechmee, Mina, Kamala, and for all the other animals that are exhibited, transported, exploited, stressed by this way of life which is forced on them and is not suitable for their well-being and the needs of their species.

This victory for Nosey makes us extremely happy. To see it now free only reinforces our determination so that these animals held in the circuses in France are released to sanctuaries, and that they can also taste freedom which is due to them.

Photo recognition: The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, all rights reserved.

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Nicky | Tuesday 20 February 2018

Nosey,14 ans de souffrance, et enfin la liberté qui nous est si chère en France, mais qui est pietinée au nom du dieu argent, honte à mon pays pour tant de maltraitance envers les autres especes, tant de retard sur l abolition des animaux dans les cirques, ou es-tu Maya? nous ne t'oublions pas, et tous les autres... merci One Voice.

Sylc | Sunday 18 February 2018

Et maintenant au tour de Maya.

chantal | Tuesday 20 February 2018

Cette bonne nouvelle nous fait chaud au coeur ! Merci de nous tenir informés ! J'espère qu'elle sera suivie d'autres de même nature ... Maya et tous ses compères d'infortune ...

gadynette | Friday 16 February 2018

14 ans de cruauté et enfin libre. SOIS ENFIN HEUREUSE MA BELLE NOSEY ; j'espère qu'il en sera de même pour MAYA

M-AP | Friday 16 February 2018

bravo! continuons! sortons tous les animaux des cirques!

bravo le cirque du soleil! bravo le cirque de Pékin! le cirque d'Afrique! PAS d'animaux dans les cirques!

A quand l'ouverture du centre d'hébergement des éléphants en Haute Vienne?