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No, Emagny's mink farm has not yet closed and they still want to expand!

No, Emagny's mink farm has not yet closed and they still want to expand!

Mis à jour le 10 September 2018

Emagny's mink farm filed an appeal after its expansion project was refused. We will intervene at the Administrative Tribunal to support the prohibition order and complain of ill-treatment. This farm must not expand, it must close!

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Admittedly, their enlargement was refused by a prefectural decree, but the mink farm of Emagny filed an appeal to have it annulled. All has not been played out yet, so do not shout out victory too soon. In this case, mink still needs us.

One Voice will therefore intervene at the hearing of the Administrative Court of Besançon, to support the refusal of the prefect of Doubs and bring to them all of our strength and experience in this type of case. As in the case of the current procedure, which sees us opposing the breeding at Montarlot, we will make every effort to block this expansion.

It is inconceivable that mink continue to suffer and die for their fur. Our investigation, unveiled in early 2017, shows the hidden horrors of the luxury mink trade. If the breeder succeeds the number of sacrificed individuals would increase to 18,200 in this place of misery.

We do not stop here!

Not only do we refuse to allow Emagny's breeding farm to expand, but we demand that it be closed. We have already fought the breeder, a persistent offender, responsible for breeding in the past, so we know how far his contempt for the basics of the regulations goes. The poor mink suffers terribly throughout their short lives, and even the environment bears the marks from this.

A cage of just a few cubic decimetres of living space is a torture for these sentient beings. Those who dream of the wide-open spaces and swimming alone, spend their time frantically circling each other ... This stereotypical behaviour shows the extreme stress brought upon them by captivity and such scandalous living conditions. More than anything today, they need our voice to defend them! For them, so that finally their suffering ends, we have filed a complaint for ill-treatment.

Sign our petition to end fur breeding in France. These abominable places must be closed, we must be pitiless against the fur industry! And to be able to make educated purchases, discover our ethical fashion labels.

Julia Mothé
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Doris Kordt | Thursday 23 August 2018

Das ist alles nicht zu glauben.

marmotte | Wednesday 23 May 2018

les matières synthétiques sont devenues très belles et très chaudes.
alors pourquoi faire souffrir des animaux, les élever pour ça ?? quelle perversité !
pour parader et se distinguer socialement ? la fourrure animale, c'est ringard et ça met mal à l'aise tout le monde.

Christine Mirété | Tuesday 22 May 2018

je soutiens cette action. Aujourd'hui, avec toutes les technologies dont on dispose on n'a plus besoin de torturer et de tuer des animaux pour leur peau et leur fourrure.

Gamesh | Monday 21 May 2018

Je soutiens l'action de One-voice pour la fermeture de l'élevage d'Emagny.