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New scandal in Reunion Island: soon stray dogs to be killed with rifles!

New scandal in Reunion Island: soon stray dogs to be killed with rifles!

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On the Reunion Island, a new decree would soon allow the shooting on sight of stray dogs. A cruel and curious way to try to solve the problem of strays! Worse, such a decision could then reverberate in other French departments, turning into targets our companions’ dogs and cats. One Voice will do everything to prevent this nightmare.

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Stray dogs, the new victims

After the authorization of the poisoning and trapping of stray cats, it is now the dogs that are in the sights of the authorities of the Reunion Island. This is what the CRAPA, a local association, alerted us to. In a statement on December 11th, Andre Thien Ah Koon, president of the Southern Urban Community, announced that at his request, the prefect of the island was working on the creation of extermination officers, which should be operational during the first half of 2018. In other words, dogs can be killed by rifle shots!

The dog problem

At the root of this incredible decision were stray dog attacks on herds that have angered farmers. Because, on the island, many dogs are born as strays. A majority of so-called stray dogs actually have a family. Unsterilized, they multiply and form packs whose potential danger is proven. Yet massive slaughter is not the answer. Not only is this cruelty unacceptable from an ethical point of view, but they will not solve the problem. Worse, they will create others, opening the door to wild slaughter by individuals, but also the extension of such measures to stray cats ... and not only on this island!

One ethical and effective solution against strays

For dogs already neglected or abandoned, the announced massacre is a double punishment. Instead of helping them, we will persecute them! Is this a way to consider managing strays? And especially when we know that scientific studies are not lacking in information, which proves the inefficiency of slaughter in the management of the overpopulation of dogs and cats? There is only one solution, one ethical and effective: sterilization, which must be made compulsory, and not only in Reunion Island! It's time for us to be heard! It is also time to put an end to cruel pseudo-solutions, which are intended only to appease the anger of some in defiance of the suffering of these animals as an outlet. Stray dogs and cats need to be saved, not slaughtered! 

One Voice has already written to the prefect. If the order is confirmed, we will sue him. We also plan to meet the French Minister for overseas departments.

And for a real protection of our companions’ dogs and cats, please sign and spread this petition: Dogs and cats: our family.

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Reg | Monday 01 April 2019

Faut les sauver

Sté | Monday 01 April 2019

J'en ai adopté deux...je suis vegan et résidente depuis 15 ans à la Réunion.. sauvons les SVP...ils sont adorables..je ne le supporterai pas???????

Cécé | Sunday 31 March 2019

Ce n'est pas la solution ! Il faut des subventions pour aider les refuges afin de les mettre en sécurité et les stériliser. La condition animale doit avoir son importance tout comme la condition humaine

Lo | Friday 29 March 2019