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New scandal concerning "hunting" dogs

New scandal concerning "hunting" dogs

Mis à jour le 01 September 2020

Cases of "hunting" dog abuse follow one another and are desperately similar. We have just been alerted to the ordeal experienced by two of them thanks to the vigilance of the neighbours. We will defend them!

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It was howls of death that first alerted the residents. Last August, a couple of residents in the town of Allaire, in Morbihan, worried about hearing dogs barking day and night in the area. Quickly, witnesses suspect a shady affair. Armed with a simple tape recorder, they record the horribly audible cries of animals as they come from a house at the other end of a field. And then, after two reports to their town hall, they are emboldened and decide to go and meet the owner of the dogs themselves in order to talk to him.

Abandoned dogs

When they arrived on the scene, they were surprised to discover an uninhabited house…. Indeed, a neighbour explains to them that the person who lived there, an elderly man, left his home by allowing his hunter nephew to use a tiny piece of his land for his dogs. Upon discovering the dismal, dirty and smelly enclosure, the couple were shocked: two terrified and skinny animals stand there, among the rubbish, in immense distress. One is hidden under a corrugated iron sheet which is supposed to provide them with shelter! Abandoned all the time outside, subjected to all types of bad weather, surrounded by a concrete wall on one side and a fence on the other, the unfortunate dogs hardly ever receive a visit from their "owner" outside of his hunting times. Deprived of water and food, they are reduced to eating their own faeces!  

Act fast

Catastrophic, the couple stepped up their efforts with the authorities to save these poor dogs. Sadly, time drags and while humans procrastinate and these animals wither away. For now, they are still in the hands of the hunter who has seen fit to place them in an enclosure ... which is even smaller! Fortunately, the witnesses have also just informed us of this sinister affair and the Zoe Cell seizes the opportunity by taking this to court. We have filed a complaint against the dog’s owners or keepers who abandon them to the point of leaving them to stagnant like rubbish when not using them for hunting. And we are also urgently calling for the seizure of all the animals held by these people to protect other potential victims!

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Poaching in Isère: night-time horror. The hearing is on 5 February in Valence Hearing on 7 February 2024 for an urgent suspension on tenrec hunting in Réunion

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Babou | Tuesday 03 March 2020

Après les chiens de chasse de Dordogne, là encore des chiens abandonnés à leur triste sort ! Quelle horreur, et quel comportement monstrueux de la part des propriétaires ! La loi existe quand même quand il s'agit d'une maltraitance envers les animaux, non ? Il faut que ces gens soient sanctionnés sévèrement. Nous avons un gouvernement qui n'a aucune empathie, aucune humanité envers les animaux !

dani31 | Monday 24 February 2020

Encore des chiens de chasse maltraités. Ce sont des chiens qui doivent etre respectés, comme tous les autres animaux sur terre, par les humains qui sont censés s'occuper d'eux (et aussi en dehors du temps de la chasse).

Marielle | Monday 03 February 2020

Arrêtez de chasser !
Ayez pitié de ces bêtes innocentes qui sont abattues. Ayez pitié de ces pauvres chiens maltraités et souffrants.

Micj | Sunday 02 February 2020

Comment peut-on rester insensibles et se voiler la face devant une telle tristesse, une telle misère pour ces 2 chiens emprisonnés sans raison ?